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Benjamin Blessum (1877 – 1954)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 22, 2011

Peasant of Setesdalen

Norwegian Girl (courtesy of John Rudin)

Birth Home, Romsdal, Norway (courtesy of John Rudin)

Norwegian Farm (courtesy of John Rudin)

Norway, Summer Season

 Lars Eidnes Home In Norway (courtesy of Susan Fleming)

Lars Eidnes Home In Norway (courtesy of Susan Fleming)

Lars Eidnes Home In Norway (courtesy of Susan Fleming)

Lars Eidnes Home In Norway (courtesy of Susan Fleming)



See The Lands Of The Vikings


The Departure Of The Restauration

Mountain Landscape

Norway, The Land Of The Midnight Sun

Romsdalen, Norway

24 Responses to “Benjamin Blessum (1877 – 1954)”

  1. John Rudin said

    I was doing some research on my grandfather, Benjamin Blessum, and found this website. I thin it is wonderful to find so much information on so many talented artists.
    I have several of my grandfather’s works. Would you like pictures to include in your collection?

  2. Susan Fleming said

    my family is in possession of 2 oil paintings done by Ben Blessum. They are of 2 different views of my grandfathers (Lars Eidnes) home in Norway. if you are interested I could photograph them and e mail them.

  3. jennifer said

    I have two Blessum paintings and wondering if they are of any monetary value

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Seaquist Hamlander

    • Daniel Blessum said

      Hello, Do you still have these paintings? I might be interested in buying them.
      Thank You,
      Dan Blessum

      • jennifer said

        Hi Dan,

        I have two Blessum paintings signed and beautifully framed. Are you a family member~correct.The paintings were passed down from my Grandparents who also had a Kai Fiehl painting collection. Please private e-mail me

  4. david said

    I have a seascape by Ben Blessum – If you are interested, I would be happy to send a copy

  5. Lori Landsburg said

    Hi, I have a watercolor by Ben Blessum that shows a young man or boy in a boat next to a dock with stairs. There is a sailboat in the background with sails up and two other boats tied at dock with no sails up. I am wondering if this wonderful watercolor is of any value. I believe it is dated 1903.

    • Daniel Blessum said

      Hi Lori, what is the size of the artwork? Can you scan or photograph it and send it to me?

      • Lori Landsburg said

        Hi Daniel, The watercolor is in a frame with a mat. The actual size of the exposed part of the painting is about 15″ x 11″. There are a few blemishes in the “sky” area of the painting so I am taking it to a professional restorer tomorrow just to have a look. It will be nice to have a professional remove the painting from the frame so we can really see the condition and what might be concealed behind the mat.

        I am terrible at scanning things to send by email. I will take a picture of the painting with my phone and can send that in a text to you if you want to give me your phone number off line.

        You must be very proud to be related to Benjamin Blessum.


      • Daniel Blessum said

        Hi Lori, I think this shows up for everyone, so if you will send me an email I will send you my phone #.

        Thanks, Dan

  6. Doug Neumann said

    I have a large oil painting of a farmhouse with extended structures by Ben Blessum. We’re thinking it was given to the Norwegian side of my family in Chicago. I had it cleaned professionally. I want to get an appraisal on it and am open to any suggestions on where to get a fair one done. It is dated 1912. I was wondering where Ben Blessum might have been in 1912. It sure looks similar to some other works I guess he did in Norway. I could email a pic of it if you’d like.

    Doug Neumann

    • Daniel Blessum said

      Hello Doug,
      It appears the email link sent you the reply meant for someone else. However, now that I read your posting I find I am also interested in what you have said. I would like to see a picture of what you have. You can email me at
      Thank you,
      Dan Blessum

  7. A. M. White said


    I have a couple tid bits that may mean something special to a family member. They are NOT pictures. These are a few (seven) simple telegrams that were sent to Ben and his wife, for their twenty fifth Wedding anniversary. There are also a few cards that were probably attached to flowers, including one from their (I believe) daughter Dagny. These were all sent to their Chicago address on North Sawyer. They obviously meant something to the Blessum’s because they were kept so long. Over time I have purchased a number of antiques and misc. items. I am not even sure which piece or box or other they came out of. ( I will ask my daughter if she remembers) My daughter found them when we were getting a number of things ready for a garage sale and set them aside. I couldn’t bear to toss them without trying first to find out if a family member may like to have them. Please let me know if there is any family interest.

    A. White

    • Daniel Blessum said

      Hello, It is so very nice of you to be so thoughtful. I too have trouble throwing out such items, I recently opened a box that contained cards and letters from my Grandmother to me while I was hospitalized as a nine year old- I am 50 now.
      I would very much like to add these items to our family history collection. What can I do for you in return?
      Thanks and have a great day,
      Dan Blessum

      • A. M. White said

        Hi Daniel,
        Sorry for the delay in replying. I thought any answer would come direct to my own email. Just give me a name and address to send them to and they will be on their way.
        I am sixty nine and am in stage 3B or 4 lung cancer (not good). I adopted and raised five “hard to Place” children, to whom whatever I have will go toward their care. Things are tough right now so I really could use a little more time to get my things in order for them. Sooo, if you are a praying man and would send some prayers up for me for healing if possible or at least time, that would be a more than sufficient thanks. Right now I am running on what I call FIG (Faith in God). Thank you!

      • Daniel Blessum said

        Hello A.M. White,
        I am so very sorry to hear of your situation. Faith in our Lord and the gift of grace are the best possessions we can have.
        I am pleased to keep you in my prayers. I hope that you are able to spend many more great moments with your children.
        My email is, if you will send me an email I will send you back my address.
        Keep the Faith,

  8. Tori Gabrielsen said

    Hi-I have a painting by Benjamin Blesstrum as well. It belonged to my grandparents who came from Norway to Eau Claire, Wisc. In addition I have a photograph of the artist in his studio with my painting(among many) hanging on the wall. The family story is that my grandparents were friends of the artist which may or may not be true:)

    • Jennifer Brenner said

      Are any of the Blessum signed paintings worth money at present day?

      Sent from my iPhone


      • Lori Landsburg said

        Hi, I also have a painting by Blessum dated 1903. I bought it at a firehouse auction in southern Maryland a few years ago for $20. I just had it cleaned and restored for $300. The water color is of a young boy in a boat by a dock, probably in Norway. It is titled “The Landing”. That was written on the back of the painting but could not be seen at first because a cardboard backing had stuck to the painting. Now the painting is free of the backing and de-acidified so it will not deteriorate. The cloud area on the painting was brightened also. It looks great. I don’t know what the painting is worth but I love it so it really doesn’t matter but I would be interested to know of any “going price” for Blessum paintings.

      • Daniel Blessum said

        Hi Lori, it is nice to hear about people restoring uncle Ben’s artwork. The “price” for his artwork varies, but for a water color of good quality you should expect $300-$400. His artwork always had such life inspiring depictions. I hope you enjoy yours. If you ever consider selling it please let me know. Thanks, Dan Blessum

    • Daniel Blessum said

      Hi Tori,
      Ben was my great-great uncle. I would love to have a copy of the photograph of him in the studio to add to my collection. If you ever think of selling his artwork please let me know. Thank you, Dan Blessum.

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