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Rico Tomaso (1898 – 1985)

Posted by American Gallery on June 17, 2011

Wedding Among The Pilgrims

Indian Wedding

Wedding In Holland

Asian Wedding


Flamenco Dancer

Gypsy Beauty With Guitar


Lovely Ballerina In A Pink Tutu

An Introduction

Family Sitting On Back Porch

Little Leaguer

Little Charmer

Boy Clutching A Cocker Spaniel

Girl With Cat

The Pluckier Sex

Sun Helmet


Cut Rough To Smoke Smooth! – Granger Rough Cut

Gulf Refining Company

Wild Horses

29 Responses to “Rico Tomaso (1898 – 1985)”

  1. Bobby said

    i have a rico tomaso painting with a man playing a guitar to a woman with a water foutain in the back ground. both man and lady are sittin on left side. can someone tell me the name.

    • I got the same painting. Do you know how much it’s worth

      • Jenni said

        Hello, I have the same one. I bought it today at a flea market for five bucks. It’s called Carmen. On Ebay I saw two different sellers. They are both selling them for 49.99. Their’s appear to be in good condition. Mine is a tad worn out. It’s fine. I don’t intend to sell mine. I really like it.

  2. Monique said

    I have had in my possesion a 5 X 7 girl with cat lithograph for over 35 years that is as far as I can rememeber. Is it worth anything? And if it is; How much is it worth?

  3. Tom Glover said

    I have a Rico Tomaso painting called “La Rosa”. Can anyone tell me what it’s worth?

  4. Tom Glover said

    I have several prints by Mads Stage. What are their value?

  5. bill starr said

    bill starr

    I have a rico Tomaso painting called “LA ROSA” Can anyone tell me if it has any value?

    • Gayle Perry said

      I have one also. Did you get a reply? Thanks. Gayle

      • bill starr said

        thanks for your responce NO i have not received any info on the value of the painting by Rico Tomaso Bill Starr

    • steve ward said

      I also have the same painting , it was my mother in laws , she has passed away years ago but my wife & I have it hanging in our home . I always thought it looked like the guy in back of here was up to no good 🙂

  6. Jose Torres said

    I have a Rico Tomaso painting called “Lady of Seville”. What would that be valued at?

  7. Don Hyde said

    They are worth as much as you care for them……… dopes!

  8. im from Boston mass i have Rico Tomaso painting is a women dancing a flamenco with 2 guitar players.774-240-5280( my cell)

    • dineo said

      I also have that painting, and its called “HABANERA”. I’m from South Africa, and I’m just wondering of how much it worth

      • Nick Malave said

        I have the painting also and it shows her dancing in a place that shows like stairs coming down on the right side of the painting. The
        painting is call Habanera.

      • Mike said

        I have this painting also I purchased it at a thrift store about twenty-five years ago. It has a nice frame. I think I paid $12 for it back then and had no idea who the artist was…although I just came back from six months in the south of Spain, Granada, and I liked the painting. Any info would be great.

  9. rico tomaso painting a Spanish woman dancing in front of a man playing a guitar sitting next to a water fountain and a woman sitting in the background 19-15 inches

  10. Christian soto said

    Christian Soto,
    I have a big Rico Tomaso painting called Harbor in Spain, the painting is about 2`H x 5`W, appears to be brushstroke. What can be the estimated cost of it?

    • Tammy Kennedy said

      Can you send me a photo? I think I may have had this painting when I was a child. I would love to get it back

  11. Pat Linker said

    I would like to see a picture of Golden Oak by Rico Tomaso. I have a very very large one, signed by him. It has a street or large path with beautiful golden fall colored trees and a gazebo. Is is not for sell. I just wanted to sell if I have the one by him call Golden Oak.

  12. Alexis East said

    I have a painting by Rico Tomaso of a woman in white sitting straight up (not leaning, like in the google image search) where a light purple dress with an acoustic guitar. Beautiful painting! Perfect condition, signed. Has brush stokes and framed.. can anyone tell me what this might be worth? thank you

  13. Q said


  14. shaun said

    I have “Wild Horses” by Rico Tomaso. Any know what it’s worth?

  15. luigi said

    Hi, I found an old picture with a girl and a jug, and a label that says Rico Tomaso.
    Can anyone tell me if they have never heard?
    I have not found similar internet.
    I can send pictures to those interested by mail

  16. juana garcia said

    tengo una pintura firmada por rico tomaso llamada la mantilla me gustaría me digan sus valor

  17. juana E.naar garcia said

    hola tengo una pintura la mantilla.Rico tomaso cuadro en un marco de oro por el artista Rico tomaso firmado del artista en la esquina superior derecha placa de oro (center) del cuadro que dice la mantilla rico tomaso parte posterior de la foto marco la etiqueta dice Windsor arte productos division de Illinois moulding co chicago.IL categoría pintura estado excelente marca distintiva nombre del artista rico tomaso dimensión.2 pies de altura-1/12 pies de ancho

  18. Nick Malave said

    I did not describe my painting well the first time. I have a painting showing a beautiful ballerina dancing between two men playing guitars. She is dancing with a castanet in each hand. On the right side of the painting there’s a stairwell coming down to where she is dancing. On the bottom left it shows the artist name Rico Tomaso and on the bottom right it shows Habanera by Rico Tomaso in small black letters. Does
    anyone have a painting like this?

    • Daniel said

      Hey I Have A Rico Tomaso Painting Is Called Gypsy Beauty .. And Yes Is Oil Is Beautyfull !

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