Greatest American Painters

William Henry Bartlett (1809 – 1854)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 11, 2011

Fort Chambly

The Sharia El Gohargiyeh, Cairo

The Ferry At Brooklyn, New York

The Market Place, Quebec

Budapest Around 1840

Village Of Sing-Sing

The Narrows (from Fort Hamilton)

Port Glasgow Harbor

New York In 1839

The Park And City Hall, New York

Locks On The Rideau Canal

Interior Of The House Of A Christian Family In Jerusalem

Falls On The St. John River

A Forest On Lake Ontario


Kilkenny Castle, Ireland

Carrickfergus Castle

Self Portrait


As Barbara pointed out there are two William Henry Bartlett in Art History. The first one was born in London in 1809, he travelled extensively in the United States between 1835 and 1852 and he’s best known for his engravings. He died on a ship off the coast of Malta in 1854.
The second William Henry Bartlett was born in Ireland in 1858, he was a member of Royal Society of British Artists and there is no relation between his art and the United States. He died in 1934.
I have mistakenly confused the two painters, mixing their works. Sorry for the blunder. For this reason I removed the paintings of “wrong” William Henry Bartlett (in my opinion: the best one)…Sorry for the inconvenience.

9 Responses to “William Henry Bartlett (1809 – 1854)”

  1. Those paintings of fishermen are painted with such realism and sure-footed knowledge of the subject, they remain engaging,they realism sustain them. By contrast the idealized,sentimentalized images of cities and exotic places lost their charm with the change in aesthetic taste.

  2. Nicholas Noble said

    Their charm enchants me yet; I would love to see more contemporary artists channeling such pure-hearted beauty into their work. Here’s to the revival of spirit and sentiment in the twenty-first century, my friend!

  3. Barbara said

    I think many of these paintings were made by someone who lived longer than 1854. They are probably the work of William Henry Bartlett (Irish artist, 1858-1932) who definitely painted An Idle Afternoon 1880 and the Irish fishing painting. The earlier William Henry Bartlett did the images of America.

  4. That would be a delightful return of innocence .Western culture has been greatly damaged by the living hell of XX century and occidental psyche cannot produce purity,innocence or angelic beauty any longer.Modern art has to be chasted out of Apollo’s temple first, and we shall have true values restored.

    • Nicholas Noble said

      Judging by your oeuvre: Mission Accomplished! Congratulation, Henryk, you’re a very talented man. 🙂

  5. Now it’s clear: we were commenting on two very different artists.One, an Irish realist and an American illustrator working in the familiar XIX century style of illustrated magazine.

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