Greatest American Painters

Warner Sallman (1892 – 1968)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 1, 2011

The Head Of Christ

Christ In The Temple

Knocking At The Door – Christ At Heart’s Door

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Christ In Prayer – Christ At Dawn

Christ In The Gethsemane

The Last Supper

Road To Emmaus

Sent From God – Mary And Child

Power And Glory

Jesus Our Savior

He Careth For You

Light Of The World

The Nativity

Jesus The Children’s Friend

Christ My Peace – The Lamb Jesus

His Presence

Jesus Christ


Christ Our Pilot

Young Mary

Mature Mary

Abraham Lincoln

The War Cry, Christmas 1942

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  1. marco said

    A me questi Gesù biondissimi hanno sempre fatto un po’ strano…

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