Greatest American Painters

John Knowles Hare (1884 – 1947)

Posted by M.R.N. on May 19, 2011

Young Woman And Flowers


Gladys Granger

A Lady In Red – Portrait Of Gladys Granger


Dorothy Gish

Betty Compson

Pauline Garon

Marion Davies

Salvation Army Woman Offering Doughnuts To Soldier

Saturday Evening Post cover

Lady With Handbag

Woman Drinking Punch

Fairy Soap ad

Overlooking The Garden

Precious Moments

Mother And Little Boy



Betsy Ross

11 Responses to “John Knowles Hare (1884 – 1947)”

  1. jimkrupa said


  2. Freda Martell-Anderson said

    awesome picture,I have one of north american indians in a canoe signed and dated 1911,I was wondering how to find out it’s value for insurance purposes,if you can help that would be appreciated,thank-you.

  3. regina said

    i have framed picture of dark hair woman reading to a blonde hair girl, sitting in front of a window, signed j knowles hare. i havn’t found it on computer yet, do anybody know if it’s worth anything.

  4. Mark said

    I own a gal named “Dolores” by Hare I can’t seem to find her mentioned any where. I was told that Brown and Bigelow used her as a salesmen’s sample. She might be a litho of Dolores Costello of the movies.

  5. Ronald Hamrick said

    Nice Picture. Where is his painting of Betsy Ross?

  6. Yes,nice,nice…but using sweetness requires restrain if you want to land within the continent of good taste.Those eyes and mouths are like an equivalent of three cups of sugar each.

  7. Scott Mikita said

    These are great. I acquired an etching of Helen Hayes signed my Hare. On the back of the mat it has his signature again and the indication No. 1. I can’t find any reference to it anywhere. I am wondering if he did it for her (or some commission) and then it never went to her or it was just put away somewhere. Anyone have any info or ideas? I have photos. Thanks!

  8. Beth said

    Hi Suzay, I would like to use the image of JK Hare Betsy Ross on a piece I am designing, I cant find any info re: licensing or usage rights to this, do you happen to know of any restrictions?

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