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Alice Conklin Bevin (1893 – 1969)

Posted by American Gallery on May 13, 2011


A Reflective Moment


Young Girl Seated Among Cactus

Nude Bathers On The Beach

Buying Beads

Woman In Red

Russian Dancer

Madame Valiant - A Breton Woman With Loaf Of Bread

Madame Valiant – A Breton Woman With Loaf Of Bread

At Prayer

13 Responses to “Alice Conklin Bevin (1893 – 1969)”

  1. Jo-Ellen Benson said

    My husband is Alice’s grandson and we have many of her paintings. The family is interested in purchasing and locating as many paintings as possible.

    • There are three Alice Conklin Bevin paintings presently listed for sale on eBay.

      I have access to many others that are also form sale.

      Please contact me at 386-742-6786 for more information.

      Mark Alexander

      Art Services2000 Ltd.

      • I have a painting that was acquired from an estate sale in CT. It is signed A C Bevin. However, it is not of a person – rather it is of fresh flowers from a garden in a beautiful blue and white vase and an eggplant and a tomato next to it on the table. Could this be the same Alice Bevin?

    • Michael Frith said

      Jo-Ellen Benson–
      Mrs. Bevin stayed with us in Bermuda in 1950 (and perhaps at other times as well), and painted at least three pictures that I’m aware of: my brother, a neighbour and my mother. I own the latter two and am very fond of them; whilst I have no interest in parting with them, I’ll be happy to take their pictures for your archive if you wish. I can’t speak for my brother, but I’ll advise him of your interest. Best Regards…

      • Jo-Ellen said

        Thank you Michael, we would love to see them. I’m glad that you are enjoying the paintings and treasure them.

  2. I am curious if you have any information on the painting of the old man labeled “Bickers”. He shows a remarkable resemblance to my own grandfather although he’s probably a distant relative at best.

    • artserv said

      A review of Alice Conklin Bevin’s portraits in a 1943 issue of Art Digest magazine states :

      “Old Captain Bickers, for instance, complied with the painter’s needs by turning his back on the sea, so the sea could be included in the picture. For thirty years, though , he had been at sea as captain of the Coast Guard of Provincetown.”

  3. Dr. Joseph A. Olzacki IJoe ) said

    I grew up hearing about Alice Bevin as a resident of the Flanders district of East Hampton, Connecticut, I was told that Alice painted my Aunt in a panting “Italian Girl”. I have not seen this painting but would love to at least view it once as it was a source of great pride in the Ferrigno household.

    Any suggestions on how to find this painting of Alice Bevin?

    • Jo-Ellen said

      I’ll ask my husband’s aunt if she has a painting that is titled “Italian Girl”, we don’t have that one in our home or I’d snap a picture for you.

  4. Lucinda Moriarty said

    I fondly remember growing up with Alice Bevin was my next door neighbor. She painted several pictures of my older sister, an especially adorable large portrait of her with her dolls when she was a small child. Alice painted a portrait of me when I was about sixteen. She also gave me a painting that she did in art school for an wedding shower gift. The very last painting Alice did was of me. It is a large portrait of me in a bright pink dress. In the portrait she painted my engagement ring and when I was married a few months later she added my wedding ring. Alice was always afraid of having a stroke which would prevent her from painting. Soon after she finished my portrait that is just what happened. Strangely, one arm in my painting is noticeably darker. It is on the same side as the arm that was compromised by Alice’s stroke. Alice’s family generously gave me the painting after her passing. Alice was a wonderful lady. I feel blessed to have grown up knowing her.

    • Jo said

      That’s such a heartwarming story, thank you for sharing. You probably know my husband Granger and his brother Nathanial, who unfortunately has passed away. When my husband’s mother Betty passed away (Alice’s daughter) she left her home in Florida to her step-children because she felt that it was their father’s house, the step-children kept all of the contents as well including all of Alice’s paintings. It has been a bit of a nightmare that we are too exhausted to fight legally. Now, they are selling these paintings off to strangers and it is sickening. Thankfully, my husband was given many paintings as was his uncle before her death so we do have some but it stabs us in the heart t know that people with no connection to Alice are profiting from her art.

      • Lucinda said

        I am so sorry to hear of Nathanial’s passing. I remember Granger and Nathanial as darling little boys. At the time of their birth their grandmother planted red maple trees on her front lawn. I thought that was a beautiful tribute. I remember their mother well. When I was a tiny girl I played dress up in her clothes. I thought she was such a lovely young lady.

        I understand how having Alice’s paintings sold to strangers makes you feel betrayed. Try to think of strangers buying her work as a tribute to her talent. Not only does she live on in the hearts of her family but others get to see her vision and enjoy her paintings. It spreads her fame.

  5. I have a painting that is signed by A.C. Bevin. I’m wondering if it is the same artist that is being discussed here. Alice Conklin Bevin. However, most of her paintings that I have found is of people/portraits. This one that I have is a beautiful blue and white vase with flowers in it from the garden and an eggplant and a tomatoe are on the table next to it. Does anyone know if this could possibly be the same artist? THank you

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