Greatest American Painters

Mary Curtis Richardson (1848 – 1931)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 29, 2011

Portrait Of Mary Blanche Hubbard

Portrait Of A Lady

Reading Girl

Young Woman (possibly Katherine Cook of Carmel)

The Sleeping Child

Elizabeth Seavey

Joseph M. Bransten As A Child

A Child’s Portrait

Seated Child Holding A Rattle

Mother And Child

Félicien Victor Paget

Felix Morris

Mother And Child

3 Responses to “Mary Curtis Richardson (1848 – 1931)”


    I admire her work very much, her sense to edit a work without leaving it incomplete is very subtle, but effective.¿ Did she have children?… I wonder… She must! She’s the Willa Cather of the canvass & the brush.

    Ernesto Ravetto

    • Hi Ernesto
      I too admire Mary Curtis R’s work and life, and live in the Vallejo home she spent some years in as a child. She had no children, but her two sisters Leila(who died young) and Adele (Dell) did, and she was close to them. Cassat had no children but also painted them brilliantly. Empathy, close observation and a trained hand don’t depend on giving physical birth for good results.
      Kay Flavell

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