Greatest American Painters

Francis Hyman Criss (1901 – 1973)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 11, 2011

Alma Sewing

City Store Fronts

Morning In Florence

The Railroads Learn From War

Sixth Avenue L

View Of Brooklyn Heights

Jefferson Market Courthouse

Inspecting Food

Seated Nude

Bird Of Prey

Woman With Sculpture

Third Avenue El

Making Typhoid Vaccin

Colonel Samuel R. Rosenbaum

Window Reflections


Mind Reader

Portrait Of A Lady

Malaria Control

The Thinker

The Fish Bucket

2 Responses to “Francis Hyman Criss (1901 – 1973)”

  1. Carolyn C. said

    As a child, my family and I lived next door to Francis Criss’s sister Anna Criss Roth (a Modern Dancer) and her husband, Emanual (Manny) Roth who played violin and percussion in the Philadelphia Orchestra. The Roths had
    an art filled home including a number of Francis Criss’s paintings. There was an impressive portrait of a black man in
    workman’s overalls and several streetscapes, one in pointilist style and another referencing DiChirico. These paintings were my introduction to art as a small child and influential in directing me into a career in the arts.
    Though I never met Francis Criss, besides his sister, Anna I also knew brother William Criss (Oboe player with the NY Philharmonic) as well as “Papa” Criss, their father. In summer, I remember Papa Criss is his white linen suit and Paanama hat with his cane sitting in their beautiful garden like a patriarch from a Chekov play.

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