Greatest American Painters

William Frederick Foster (1883 – 1953)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 8, 2011

Seated Nude With White Gloves

Young Lady In Yellow


title unknown

Woman Standing With Wolfhound

A Seated Female Nude With A Floral Bouquet

Mary At The Bath

Clown Posed By Leon Franks

Seated Nude With Arms Folded

title unknown

Nude With Cockatoo

Woman Wearing Gloves

Portrait Of A Lady

Dark Haired Woman

3 Responses to “William Frederick Foster (1883 – 1953)”

  1. Bruce said

    After that short break, I find that I have no problem with this, uh, “wardrobe suspension” now. I find it quite refreshing, as a matter of fact! 😉

  2. Mark said

    I have an oil on canvas portrait of a woman at her bath ( fronting a mirror )
    which I believe to be the work of Wm F. Foster. It is signed “Foster” on the
    diagonal in the left hand corner and resembles very much “Mary at her Bath”
    as you show on your site. Might you have any information about this work
    which was purchased in NYC in the early 1900s?

    I am happy to send a photo or two of the canvas if you are interested.
    Thank you,

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