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Harlan Page (1791 – 1834)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 8, 2011

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  1. Harlan Page was born in Coventry, CT. I believe the house he was born in still stands. The Coventry Historical Society would like to know where his other known paintings are today. He painted mostly lanscapes, of which areas? Where did he live most of his life? Where did he die?

  2. Billy Donovan said

    I have a book”memoir of harlan page” seem to be really old,dated 1835. Was looking for info on worth of book

    • If we can agree on a value, and it’s within our budget I believe the Coventry Historical Society Archives would be interested in the book. Sue Way (CHS Archivist)

  3. Susan, I just came across your queries here, so I hope this isn’t too late. There are gravemarkers for the Pages at Center Cemetery:

    Harlan Page was primarily known for his evangelistic work as a layman. The Memoir of his life had great influence, so much so that dozens of men were named after him. The Memoir has recently been republished, though original editions are still available for a decent price (under $20). I live in Ohio but have done some research on him over the years. Earlier this year I was in the area of Coventry and swung through to see there were any historical markers of Page (there weren’t). If you ever locate his house I would love to see that!

    • Susan Way said

      Dan, Yes, we do know which house he was born in, and I may be able to send you a picture. Also we were fortunate that one of our members noticed a watercolor for sale on ebay. It’s a small painting of another house in Coventry dated 1849 I believe, painted by Harlan while he was in Coventry regaining his health. The man who noticed the painting was able to purchase it . The Historical Society is raising money to make it part of our collection.
      One interesting thing about his influence as a preacher is that he was the second itinerant preacher from Coventry to have great influence. Lorenzo Dow was the other traveling preacher of great reputation an influence. You have to wonder if they knew each other. I have not yet seen his memoir or read it, but would like to and would like to add a copy to our collection. I did not realize they were buried in Center Cemetery. I will look for them and a death record. Why did you find him particularly interesting. Sue Way

      • Thank you for the information, Sue! I would *love* to have a picture; there’s a possibility I could swing by again in late October. My email is dadgreenfield @ gmail . com

        I appreciate the fact that though a “layman” (he was a “house joiner” or carpenter of sorts) he faithfully served the Lord in many different ways.

        I looked briefly at an account about Lorenzo Dow; though I know little about Dow, I know a lot more about Harlan Page and they were definitely not on the same page (Page was a Calvinist, and Dow decidedly anti-Calvinistic). Additionally, Dow was an itinerant in the US and Britain, whereas Page was limited to either Coventry or New York City.

        Thank you for your historical work; I would appreciate more information you may dig up! Let me know if there is anything I can do as well. ~Dan

      • Susan Way said

        Dan, Happened to see a book this evening, a picture book series I will get the exact name that was put together a few years ago. There is a picture of Harlan Page, looks to be a painting. I wonder if it is the other portrait that he did “Missionary to Hawaii”. I will ask one of the ladies who put the book together where she got that picture. I did not have the $21 needed to buy the book tonight. The caption says he was a Baptist?? Is that what he would have called himself? I think that first Sunday school he set up was at 2nd Congregational in Coventry, but I could be wrong. I’ll check with Ron Edmondson, church Historian. Sue Way

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