Greatest American Painters

Fidelia Bridges (1834 – 1923)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 4, 2011

Thrushes Nest

Marsh Mallow

Lily Pads And Barn Swallows

Swallows By The Sea


Thistle And Landscape

Chickadee And Thistle

Landscape With Stream

Bird’s Nest And Ferns

Thistle In A Field


Pink Cyclamen

Daisies In A Meadow

A Garden In Bloom


Bird’s Nest In Cattails

Apple Blossoms

3 Responses to “Fidelia Bridges (1834 – 1923)”

  1. I am glad to have such a nurishing encounter with these highly accomplished artwork. The chosen theme of painting flowers and weeds is particularly difficult,because of its extreme popularity.Banality and over-sweetness are the chief dangers,but I believe that the artist,Fidelia Bridges has very successfuly avoided them.It was done by paying great and loving attention to the observation, morphology and truth of the painted objects.The truth is never boring or banal or overly sweet.Indeed it is always fascinating, meaningful and freshly gathered. Now-put her work against Rauschenberg and tell me who is an artist and who is a fraud?

  2. Bruce said

    Very nice, Suzay. Thanks for providing beauty.

  3. superb….. only had a limited knoeledge of her work before seeing this…. thanks…

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