Greatest American Painters

Al Buell (1910 – 1996)

Posted by M.R.N. on February 14, 2011

Love In The Park

A Tight Draw

Spring Beauty

A Master Piece


title unknown

Summertime Sweetheart


title unknown

Brunette In Shower

title unknown

Meant For You

Real Cute


Shorts And Sweet

Brunette Mowing Grass

Join…But Which One?

I’m For You

Two Piece Sunsuit

Wind-blown Woman On The Beach

Admiring A Glamorous Woman

11 Responses to “Al Buell (1910 – 1996)”

  1. Claude said

    Quel talent ! Merci.

  2. jon buell said

    My name is Jon Buell and I am the grandson of Al Buell, profiled here on the site.
    I am looking for original paintings of the story illustrations he painted in the 1940s and 1950s for magazines like Saturday Evening Post, Redbook, McCalls, Sports Afield, etc. If you own one or know someone who does, and are willing to sell it or have it professionally photographed, please contact me at Thank you.

    • Natalie Shashua said

      I am interested in purchasing the copyright for Spring Beauty for personal use on my website. Is there anyone that can help me or refer me to someone who can? My contact info is . Thanks, Natalie Shashua

  3. Mary Daniels said

    I purchased a Al Buell picture of a woman wearing a white hat with a pink bow running down the back of the hat and she is resting her chin on her hands. This piece is hand signed and numbered. I cannot find another one like it on the web sites. Does anyone know the name of this piece?

    • Philip Headland said

      Hi Mary
      I to have this picture 805/950 it is called Reflections in Pastels. However I am not sure it is the same Al Buell

    • Susan said

      I also have this picture, Reflections in Pastels. 562/950. Any ideas where we may look this picture up?

    • Hi Mary,
      We were given this picture by very good friends (Numbered 884/950). We have owned this for at least 20 years.It is signed by Al Buell on the print and signed again by ‘Al Buell’ in pencil on the mount. On the reverse is a glued printed history of the artist and his work.The history is in the ‘present tense’ so I assume he was still alive at the time of purchase.

  4. christine boland said

    The title of the girl on the barbed wire fence is ” Caught Short”. I have it on a postcard. I have another card titled ” Stop, Look and Linger, a sitting woman in a red dress.

  5. Susan Longiotti said

    I have an Al Buell painting of a woman walking along the beach in a yellow rain slicker. It was purchased in 1982 through Ducks Unlimited. I have been looking for another Al Buell painting called “Along the Shore”. I have a photocopy of this painting.. Does anyone have any idea where I may find this? Thanks.

    • Catherine Erickson said

      I have the print of the slicker lady….”Just the Sea and Me”….but can’t help you with the other one. Sorry…

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