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Dolores Chiappone (1931)

Posted by American Gallery on February 10, 2011

Blessed Bull

Study Of A Ram

Portrait Of A Woman And An Eagle

Lady Of Hibiscus

Pig Lady

High Yellow Tiger

Mom And Dad

Turning Point

Bo Peepin’

California Cousins

Loves Me Loves Me Not

Return Of The Hawk

Sam’s Magic Ball

Resting Sheep

Hen At Rest In Forest

3 Responses to “Dolores Chiappone (1931)”

  1. Monnie said

    Is there any information about this artist, Dolores Chiappone? I recently purchased one of her paintings, Angel with Pink Wings, but it is unsigned. I would like to know if it is her work. Also, it would be nice to know something about the artist.

  2. richard anthony tovar said

    Thank you nana Dee for shown me my artistic side…..I would have never pursue my art without you….love you nana Dee your grandson Anthony….

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