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Alice Barber Stephens (1858 – 1932)

Posted by American Gallery on December 9, 2010

The Women’s Life Class

Church Scene: Worshippers Amused By Off-Key Singer

Upper-Class Men And Women At An Elegant Tea Party

Men And Women Dancing In An Elegant Ballroom

The Nursery

Fast Asleep

Girl With Bicycle Pauses At Gate

Christmas On Fifth Avenue

Boy In Windowseat Daydreaming

Ruth’s Hands

The Woman In The Home

The Woman In Business

Over-Indulgence: A Spoiled Thanksgiving

Woman Giving Little Boy Piano Lesson

Morning On A Southern Plantation

The Germania Orchestra At The Pennsylvania Academy Of The Fine Arts

Woman On White Horse Reviewing Troops

title unknown

The Bear Hunter

The Mayor’s Wife

You Said Now I Lay Me In Unison

They Took You As Far As The Bedroom Door To See Her

Interior Scene

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