Greatest American Painters

Henry Balink (1882 – 1963)

Posted by M.R.N. on October 11, 2010

Chief Running Bear

Indian Drummer

Mending A Moccasin

Chief Fast Horse

Chief Dance

Chief Whitesun, Taos

Chief Juan Concha, Taos

Holy Woman

Steals Horses

Tony And His Wife

San Ildefonso Woman

Chief Little Bear

Hopi Girl

Jeweler Of Santo Domingo Pueblo

Juan Martinez – Lake Star

Corn Dance, Taos

Portrait Of Dutch Woman

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  1. spikespiegel said

    e quindi sarà o un falco o un castoro…bè col procione siamo li

  2. […] portrait painter, is as well told here, and several of his paintings are included on the terrific American Gallery blog.  The much-abbreviated version is […]

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