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Dorothy Hope Smith (1895 – 1955)

Posted by M.R.N. on September 14, 2010

Don’t Kill Her Daddy With Careless Talk

Young Girl In Blue Bonnet

Portrait Of Ann Turner Cook (aka Gerber Baby)

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  1. Belinda Kruse said

    I have a print of the Gerber Baby (Ann Turner Cook) however, in the left bottom corner it says Copyright “Fremont Canning Co 1931” and in the right corner “The Gerber Baby”. It also has Dorothy Hope Smith’s initials. Might this be a copy? And when were they distributed?

    • Suzay Lamb said

      The Fremont Canning was the company producing the Gerber baby food. The Gerber Baby symbol was created during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

    • ray said

      it was adopted in 1928 for gerber then it was made the offical trademark in 1931.i know that they did make copies for probablyhave one of those. i resently saw some kind of copy on craigslist in daytona florida. i wish i had more to tell you. ray

      • MJ said

        I have a 10 x 11 inch print I found at an Antique shop, but it only has “THE GERBER BABY” printed on the bottom right corner of the print and the paper stock is textured with Horizontal, Vertical and Wave lines. Does this mean it is a print from before 1931 before they copy wrote and registered the image? Is this a pre-1931 print?

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