Greatest American Painters

Hamilton Hamilton (1847 – 1928)

Posted by American Gallery on September 11, 2010

A Summer Day, Picking Flowers

Lil’l Southern Belles

Woman With A Fan

Lady In Black

Lady With A Parasol

Headwaters Of The Rio Grande

Gathering Water

Wind River, Wyoming

Stroll Through The Garden

Falling Apple Blossoms

Hush, Do Not Disturb Them

Twin Lakes, Colorado

title unknown

A Gust Of Wind

Turquoise Lake

Western Landscape

One Response to “Hamilton Hamilton (1847 – 1928)”

  1. Lilly said

    I have what is apparently a print of a Hamilton Hamilton of a lake and shoreline with 2 people in a small rowboat by the shore. Lots of trees and brush take up most of the right side of the picture. It says Copywrite 1885. Is there anyhone that could help me find the value of it? And hopefully even a title.

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