Greatest American Painters

Arthur Szyk (1894 – 1951)

Posted by M.R.N. on August 11, 2010


A Madman’s Dream

Some Necks

Don’t Vote For Roosevelt

Mein Kampf

What The Nazis Leave Behind

Japan’s Aggressor: Admiral Yamamoto

December 7, 1941

The Four Horsemen



Il Duce… (Hermann Goering, Benito Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito)

New Order

The New Orderlies

Enemies Of The Third Reich

Krauts Through The Ages

Russia’s Postwar Aims

The United States Of America

Labor Day

Judith Holding The Head Of Holofernes

The Canterbury Tales: The Monk

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  1. issachar5 said

    These are really interesting. I really enjoyed them. In an odd sort of way. Thank you for posting them.

  2. musolini said

    good job

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