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Franklin Barrett (1906 – 2000)

Posted by M.R.N. on August 8, 2010

Idealized Landscape

Aquatic Scene

Aquatic Scene

title unknown

title unknown

(Painting courtesy of Mr. Howard Tokosh)

(Painting courtesy of Mr. Howard Tokosh)


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  1. Patricia A Mann said

    i like your painting of the idealized landscape. I am a Barrett of Texas. Your name drew me to your work. i was not disappointed. thanks for letting me see your beautiful painting, i so enjoyed it this Sunday morning. Patricia (Barrett) Mann

  2. Cathy Liszewski said

    I believe this may be a painting by my great grandfather Franklin Barrett from Philadelphia who also was well known for his illustrations of fish and owned an aquarium in Philadelphia. He passed away in 1958. The style of the painting looks like his and the signature matches other paintings I have in my home. Is there anyone who know the history of this painting?

    Thank you.

    • Willard D Moore said

      I don’t know the details of this painting. However, my wife Dorothy was Franklin Barrett’s Granddaughter. Her Mother was Helen Ida Barrett who was Franklin’s daughter. We have one of his original still life paintings in our home and I can send you a picture if you are interested,. We live in Bucks Co, PA.

      • Cathy Class Liszewski said

        HI! Of course, Dorothy and Willard Moore. I am Harry & Jean Class’ daughter, Cathy, Franklin’s great granddaughter! We are related! Do you know how many pictures Franklin painted? We have a few as well and my favorite is one very similar to the last one shown above. I would love to see a picture of the one you have. How are you doing Willard?

  3. Willard Moore said

    Hi Cathy:

    It is nice to hear from you. I remember some of the paintings and I think Norman Lock, Jr (Skip) has one or two paintings, but I don’t what they are. If we can communicate via email, then I can send a picture of the one I have. It is a still life of a beautiful pink rose with the same signature that shows up on the other paintings. Unfortunately, my wife Dorothy died about 11 years ago and I am now re-married for almost 9 years to Norma.
    How is your Mom? Last time I remembered she had an apartment in Langhorne after your Father died.. My email address is

  4. I have a Franklin Barrett painting dated 1943. It is a painting of a storm at sea. It is called “Rocky Coast”. It has a price of $500 on it and it was given to my father-in-law Joseph L. Fox, an attorney, who represented FB in a case which had to do with one of his paintings deemed to be pornographic. He took the painting in lieu of a fee.

    • Cathy Liszewski said

      Hi Howard! Would you be willing to share a picture of your painting? i am wondering if it is similar to one my sister has. I think it is quite interesting that my great grandfather had a case against him for pornography! i think it may have been one of the paintings we have a a large nude reclining. It is not pornographic by today’s standards but I’m sure was thought to be back then. Cathy

  5. Linda said

    Hello Willard, Cathy and Howard. The paintings posted here are really wonderful. Franklin Barrett married my grandfather’s Aunt, Gertrude Young. Apparently my grandmother was very fond of one of his paintings that hung in his store for quite some time. But he was not willing to part with it. I would be very interested to see the paintings you all have, if you would like to share photos. My email is Thanks very much.

    • cathy liszewski said

      Hi LInda! so you are related to me in some way…how would that work? Franklin Barrett is my great-grandfather on my father’s side. My father’s mother’s father. My father’s sister was named Gertrude. Do you have any idea what the painting was that your grandmother liked? i so wish there where pictures of the inside of the store as i would love to see his murals. i will be happy to send you a picture of my picture. if it is ok with everyone here, i would like to include everyone in the same email so we could all see each other’s pictures. would that be ok with everyone? thank you!

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