Greatest American Painters

Louis Lang (1814 – 1893)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 31, 2010

The Sewing Party

Women’s Art Class

Portrait Of Jenny Lind aka The Swedish Nightingale

Reminiscences Of Lake Mahopac, New York
(Ladies Preparing For A Boat Race)

Reminiscing By The River

Roman Carnival

Henry Kirke Brown

The Women Of Egypt Pleading With Thermutis, Daughter Of The Pharaoh

Musical Inspirations

Blind Nydia

Girls With Berries

Four Children
(possibly the children of Charles M. Connolly)

Afternoon In The Garden

The Basket Maker

A Young Woman On A Balcony

Strawberry Girl

The Bird’s Nest

Return Of The 69th Irish Regiment From The Seat Of War


2 Responses to “Louis Lang (1814 – 1893)”

  1. Beautiful art! Thanks for sharing these images, they’re stunning, especially the “Women’s Art Class”

  2. Gail said

    I was wondering where the painting “Four Children (possibly the children of Charles M. Connolly)” was located? Can you view? Is there any other additional information available?

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