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Albert Pels (1910 – 1998)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 11, 2010


The Heart Locket

Landing Of Swedes As The Rocks In Wilmington

Beautiful Young Woman


Woman Feeding A Child

Nudes On Rooftop

Salvation Army Band


The Merry-Go-Round

Music Of The South

In Lights And Shadows

Young Girl And Wealthy Benefactor

Boy With Fish And Pole

Express Train To East New York

Market Scene

One Response to “Albert Pels (1910 – 1998)”

  1. Max Dooley said

    The very larg painting by Albert Pels (1938)hangs in the Post Office in downtown Wilmington, DE. In the website, the title is “Landing Of Swedes As [At] The Rocks In Wilmington.” Actually, it depicts the Landing of Johan Printz in 1643 at Fort Christina (now Wilmington). He was the governor of New Sweden from 1643-1653. He is said to have weighed over 300 pounds – that’s why he is such a recognizable figure in Pels painting.

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