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Donald Putman (1926 – 2007)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 16, 2010

Eagle Valley


West Hunting

Medicine Dance

Garden By The Sea


First View


Bodega Bay

Gambling Saloon


Take It Off


Send In The Clowns


Magic Carpet



16 Responses to “Donald Putman (1926 – 2007)”

  1. Linda Mulligan said

    I have a colection of photos.Putman painting me,his daughter, his son holding a baby. I met the family in the early “80s” on a trip to Cal. and was invited for dinner. We bardered, I permed his daughters hair, and gave Putt a hair cut. I have the photo of me cutting it. In return he painted me. They where a nice family. I flew back to MA with the painting on my lab. I would like to find family to send photos. could you help me?

    • kim walton said


      Maybe I can help. As you know Putt passed a way a few years back….also his brother just last year. I have contact with his family if that helps


  2. MJ said

    Does anyone know if Donald Putman ever did watercolor for a charity in Penang? I have a unique picture that I was told was a tourist watercolor and worthless, but the signature is very similar to “Putt”.

    Thanks for any help.

  3. mgm said

    I personaly knew Putt, most of his immediate and extended family. What a wonderful experience! I used to pitch a tent on their property by lewis creek and barbequed many times. Oakhurst is very beautiful to see and the fishing is great too.There are many web sites to reference Putts work.I personaly have a few autographed prints that I cherish deeply. He will be remembered!

    • Cardale said

      my name is Cardale and i have a unique painting by donald putman and is a waterolor painting of this woman with a letter and her hand with a old windmill and the painting is so unque you can see the shadow of the windmill can you help me with the value of this one you can email me at

    • Lezlie Vachon said

      Do you know his daughter Terri? I am her half sister and trying to locate her. Please email me at if you have any information. Thank you

  4. Ron Wolke said

    I have a full sheet water color of a Mountain Man signed by Putt and model Zathy Pinella. What is the value of this painting?

  5. Janie Roberts said

    I have a large painting by Putt ; it’s a pirate scene…if anyone is interested in more details leave me a message here…it’s a fabulous painting.

  6. Debbie Bowen said

    I dated his nephew Mark Putman for years back in the 70’s. I have some paintings of his. Also, a water painting of Mark he did. I remember Putt was such a practial joker. I enjoyed his company
    Debbie Bowen. (Mark knew me as Debbie Isaac)

  7. Kathy Firman said

    I hsve a friend who has a signed Donald Putman painting of a boy painting. He has a paint can by him. She would like to find out about the value and any information

  8. Janie Roberts said

    I have a painting by Putt. It’s a saloon scenes with pirates. I would like to know more of its worth or value but have been unsuccessful so far in finding information. Any suggestions?

  9. Janie Roberts said

    I did contact mr bok, and send photos…he was going out of town and said he’d contact me, I sent a reminder but never heard again…maybe too busy, I guess. It’s a preteen great painting too…and large!

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