Greatest American Painters

Lloyd Harting (1901 – 1974)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 1, 2010

Down On The Levee


River Queen

The Country Fair


The Mission Of Santa Barbara

The Invaders

Scouting Party


Round Up

Branding Time

Buffalo Stampede

Indians Attacking Stagecoach

Indians Attacking Train

Tribal Dance

7 Responses to “Lloyd Harting (1901 – 1974)”

  1. dania said

    i have a LLoyd Harting Drawing, on a place mat. Painting its ( VASQUEZ ROCKS PARK…. soleddad canyon area near Loa Angeles, California. Its black and white , pencil drawing. dania

  2. James Gaston said

    I have a Lloyd harting print of Indians attacking a train, but its not the same as the one i keep finding. Its printed on a swirled texture paper. Anyone know anything about this one?

  3. dan chambliss said

    i have one too….if you find out please let me know………………………….thanks

  4. Darryl Jenner said

    i have what appears to be 4 original, pencil on paper, pictures by mr. harting. i have been having troubles finding info on his pencil drawings. if anyone knows about, or where i can find more info about these works, i would love to know.

  5. Ginger Carter said

    I hav 2 pencil sketches signed by Harting
    Mt. Whitney from Death Valley
    and Joshua Tree in National Montument
    I would love to sell them

  6. ross said

    I have a Lloyd harting painting of showboat that seems to have different colors of clothes such as the young couple in front thegirl is wearing a red dress. Does anyone know anything about such things?

  7. merhi said

    i have a Lloyd Harting painting in color black end white, Montmorency Falls/Quebec-Canada

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