Greatest American Painters

Louis Charles Moeller (1855 – 1930)

Posted by M.R.N. on May 25, 2010

The Gossips

The Connoisseurs

Sign Here

The Violin Shop – The Violin Repairman

Elegant Woman Looking At A Print

The Card Trick

A Tea Party

A Difficult Decision

The Chemist

The Dollmaker

The Violinist

Grandfather’s Pleasure

A Good Joke

The Bibliomaniacs

One Response to “Louis Charles Moeller (1855 – 1930)”

  1. I have a’ still life’ with no signature……Mr Mueller was in residence at my great,great parents home in Weehauken, NJ…while there he painted family portraits for room and board….Did he paint other then scenes of people in everyday life…this still life is in a shadow box and is quite lovely…only problem is the work was done on paper
    the glass has protected it over these many years.

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