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Karl Witkowski (1860 – 1910)

Posted by American Gallery on May 16, 2010

Happy Days

Caught One

Stealing Apples

Playing With Fire

Their First Smoke

Boy With An Apple


One For Two

Look What I Have

Teasing My Best Friend

Under The Mistletoe


Begging For Cherries

Gathering Daisies

The Slingshot – The Little Hunter

Shoeshine Boy

Shoeshine Boys

Shoeshine Boys

Guarding The Flower Basket

Guarding The Flower Basket

A Can Of Worms

A Can Of Worms



One Paper Left

One Paper Left

Karl Witkowski’s biography on Wikipedia

10 Responses to “Karl Witkowski (1860 – 1910)”

  1. Alex said

    did Karl Witkowski also used signature K.Wykowsky on some of his art work ?

    • Suzay Lamb said

      I don’t think so but I can’t say for sure.

      • Alex said

        I am sure. I own his litho with this signature! Also often I see wrong info about life of this great artist.
        He was born in 1860, but in Poland (not Austria)!. At that time Poland was divided between Prussia, Russia and Austro-Hungarian Empire. This does not mean, everybody born those years in Poland is German, Russian or Austrian. His name was polish name: Karol Witkowski – the name “Karl” was given him in Austrian Army, where hi was in years 1879-1880. From year 1884 he was in USA as an immigrant (New Jersey State). On beginning he made several portraits including bishop of Brooklyn. Later Karol Witkowski paint pictures of young children with pets.
        First he signed them with signature “K. Wykowsky” (there was safer this way).
        Then he starts showing officially his name on paintings : “K. Witkowski”, some of them with date, for example: “K. Witkowski/ 99”. Some of his work had inscribed sign with signature: “Copyright 1902 / K Witkowski”.
        From 1909 he starts getting official copyrights. Karol Witkowski died in Newark (N.J.) in 1910 at age only 50.
        How come this great artist, who’s work today is sold in millions of dollars (originals & reproductions, also as prints) has no picture of him self. What’s happen to him that he died at age of 50? Was he sick? Something else happened to him? I believe some answers may be found in town Newark (N.J.).
        Above info you can see thru ref’s as below:
        or in more clearly as pdf file:
        His copyrights you can find under Google search by typing:
        „Catalog of Copyright Entries, 1909 Engravings, Prints Etc „ (8 paintings)
        Interesting is also another source I fond:
        „Sądy Roki Słowiańskie„ 1888 Karol D. Witkowski oil on canvas 75 x 54 cm signed l.r.: K.D. Witkowski/ 1888
        Is this same person? Now we have one more name: „Karol D. Witkowski”
        I know I am boring. But I believe this artist is worth to find all about him. We can not anymore see his beautiful art work with very short author’s description:
        American (1860-1910), born in Austria.
        It is shame. No photo of him. What town he has been born in Poland? Austria archives for their army may have this information. Poland here can not help, because in this (also mine) country there were thousands of people with this name (but only one painted a portrait of generals in Austrian Army!).
        Sincerely, Alex

    • Suzay Lamb said

      Thank you very much for your extensive information and passionate search. I hope someone can bring more light on this artist’s life.

  2. Alex said

    Hello Suzay,
    thanks for nice work you have done on American Gallery.
    Recently I posted on “Karl’s Witkowski”. My name is Alex.
    I am wonder, if would be for you possible to upload some photos of
    Karl’s paintings on Wikipedia Commons. I need them to place in my
    article about Karol (Karl) D. Witkowski.
    Thanks, Alex

    • Suzay Lamb said

      I have no account on Wikipedia, I can barely find the time to take care of this blog…but you can take all the images you need for your article.

  3. Alex said

    Thank you, Suzay.
    When you get some spare time, please visit Wikipedia artcle I wrote:
    “Karol D. Witkowski” (

  4. Alex said

    Thanks, Suzay,
    I think it is great idea. Please keep in mind, wikipedia is a web everybody can write in.
    Most of the files are for edits. So if in Karl’s article you find something wrong or you get some more interesting information about this great Polish-American artist please feel free to edit, it is very easy.
    ps. thanks gain for let me use your photos of Karl’s paintings.

  5. felicia covert said

    I just found a print in an old book of my fathers titled a chip o the off block a little baseball boy. Is it worth anything? Id like to frame it.

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