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Clement H. Donshea (1891 – 1970)

Posted by American Gallery on May 13, 2010

A Young Beauty


Young Girl Drawing Picture Next To Electric Light

title unknown

Trappers And Indian Camp


9 Responses to “Clement H. Donshea (1891 – 1970)”

  1. K Mohr said

    Suzay, I’m looking for more information about Clement H. Donshea and his work. Will you please contact me? Thank you.

  2. MARY GRAND said

    I have pastel portraits that were done by Clement Donshea in 1959-1960….and would like to find out what their value may be now. Can you tell me what steps to take to get that information? Thank you.

    • Michel morice said

      Hello do you describe thèse portraits? Thanks.

      • Mary Grand said

        The pastel portraits were done of me & my fiance (at the time). We were 18 years old . ( We just celebrated our 50th anniversary).. We each posed for Mr. Donshea and several other artists in 1959. I’m not sure how to describe them, other than to say that he brought out such beauty and softness in our faces. If possible, I can send a photo of the portraits. Thank you. Mary (

  3. rebecca barnini said

    i just picked up a sketch done by clement donshea of a woman , says circa 1935 on the back of can i find out info on this? thanks

  4. kevin said

    i have a portfolio of about 20 clement donshea nudes done 1911-1912. I purchased them from the estate of a personal friend of clement donshea and the provenance is absolute and i am guaranteeing the authenticity 100%. if anyone needs to know more info about the artist or is interested in purchasing any, please email me just put “donshea” in the subject field. if interested contact me asap, as i already sold 5. i also have a watercolor of a coca cola pinup girl and small wooden carving. thanks everyone!

    • kevin said

      if anyone is still interested i picked up ALL remaining sketches from the donshea estate. i have sold over 30 so far as well as the watercolor of the pinup girl (sold to a lucky buyer in germany) i have another 60 or so left. please contact me if interested. thanks!

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