Greatest American Painters

Maud Humphrey Bogart (1868 – 1940)

Posted by M.R.N. on May 3, 2010

Young Child Playing Banjo

Playing Graduating

Christmas Greetings

title unknown

The Physician

Little Red Riding Hood

There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe

title unknown

A Busy Day

Playing Bride

Playing Bridesmaid

Washington Crossing The Delaware

title unknown

Sweet Bo Peep

The Returning Hero – A Red Cross Nurse

Spring Blossoms

Butterflies And Roses

35 Responses to “Maud Humphrey Bogart (1868 – 1940)”

  1. issachar5 said

    I don’t think adorable even comes close. I have no words.

  2. Janie said

    These are so wonderful I have what I think is an original with no title. One of the little girls with darker hair wearing a hat with 2 roses, she in a pink dress holding pussy willow stems and an adorable white kitten in the bottom left corner playing with the stems. It is framed so I do not know if any writing or date on this.

  3. Rodgers said

    It is very hard for me to believe that Rose O’Neill creater of the Kewpie Doll is not listed her. She was a famous New York
    illustrator for two decades before the she designed the doll. She was not a doll maker but an artist Illustrator, Painter, author and composer. No only was she a famous New York Illustrator but she was the first American woman cartoonist. You can find information on her at the above address and which has links to other site have have information on her. Discount the Kewpie stuff and look at her as an artist as in the above link.

    Thank you

  4. dianne rice said

    do you know if maud humphrey painted african american children? I have a picture of a little black girl in a white dress. She is carrying yellow flowers behind her back. It is signed M. Humphrey. Is that how she signs her paintings. I would appreciate any information you can give me. Dianne Rice

    • Lori Wash said

      I purchased a framed artwork with a little african-american girl that is signed Maud Humphrey. I’ve been unable to get any further info on it. I am wondering who the little girl is.

      • Dan Camoro said

        Yes, Maud painted African children. I once saw a painting of a black teen laying on a lawn near a tree.

  5. bern said

    has there been any prints made of these painting,if so can i purchase them ?

  6. Brittany Stoeckert said

    I have a picture that is the Little Red Riding Hood. How do I find out if this is an original? It has a signature and it looks authentic. Any advice?

  7. V.E.G. said

    Bogart’s family name has been around before the beginning of the sovereign state of the Netherlands. Netherlands broke away from Spain in 1579.

  8. T. compton said

    Recently I found a picture/painting in the attic of our house it was of a girl sleeping. she has a bonnet on and is holding a toy horn it is signed in what looks to be pencil maud Humphrey. this house is very old and the attic is nearly inccessible Nothing was ever kept there except this. And I found it as we recently decided to rewire the home. Any guidance on how or what to do to authenticate this painting.

  9. Beth Turza said

    I would be interested in knowing also what to do about an original Maud Humphrey. I purchase a signed and dated watercolor by her.

  10. Carol Rowland said

    i have the butterfilies and roses watercolor and i believe its the orginial although the piece I have is larger framed with other kids in the picture. It is long and was orginially located in Canada? Please advise.

    • Marilyn Stewart said

      Did you ever get an “official” response to your question? I have the same framed picture. The family story is that my grandmother bought the framed print from a traveling salesman in Nebraska.

  11. Joe's Lalonde said

    20 years ago, I was collecting all kinds of junk. Recently my wife had me go through this to get rid of stuff.
    To my utter surprise, I found an umbrella that is from the early 1900’s. It is very decorative in sterling silver and inlayed with mother-of-pearl. What was the shock was the engraving on the end “MRS(DR) BOGART”.
    Where I collected this item was in Kingston, Ontario, Canada…across the water is the northern New York State…home of a Dr. Deforest Bogart and wife Maud Humphrey Bogart.

  12. I am desperately searching for the picture by Maud Humphrey titled “A Busy Day”. I doesn’t have to be an original but my Mother saw it and wants it ever so badly. She is going blind and is 76 years old. I would like to somehow purchase a replica of the picture for Christmas. The picture touched her because the child reminded her of me when I was small. Please help me make my Mom happy.
    Sincerely, Debbie

  13. Carol MacCrimmon said

    I have a Maud Humphrey original (I think), signed and dated -94. It is titled Miss Muffet’s Christmas Party and portrays a bunch of little girls celebrating around a dining table. I am most interested in hearing if anyone knows anything about this piece of art. I have not been able to find it listed anywhere. Thanks, Carol

    • Miss Muffet’s Christmas Party is the print I’ve been looking for !! I had this print as a child but lost it in a house fire in 1977. I have been looking for a reprint of this ever since. Do you have any idea of where I might find a reproduction of this print?

  14. Karen Carr said

    I have an original Maud Humphrey Print from my grandmother. It has four little girls holding hands. Could you give me an idea where to find some information about it? Thank You, Karen

  15. Lorraine Mumford said

    I have two old framed ones signed M.Humphrey of little girl in a I think pink hat and dress and one of a little girl in a blue dress infront of a blossoming tree with blonde hair and frills around the neck and sleeves of the dress I do not see a title on either

  16. VEEJAY BURKE said


  17. Calvin said

    I have 2 pictures by Maude Humphrey Bogart. One is titled “Susanna” and the other titled “The magic Cat.” Can anyone tell me if these are worth anything?

  18. Carol said

    Do you know if Maud Humphrey ever signed her works with just the initials M.H.? I have a print that certainly looks like her work and the M and H look the same as the letters when she signs her full name.

    • Dan Camoro said

      I don’t know if she ever simply signed her works with her initials. If I find any, I’ll get back to you.

  19. Connie K Clerkin said

    I found a print of butterfly times with four girls and a boy the girl and boy are the same as butterfly and roses just with additional girls I would like to find out what its value is . On back it says 1903 Yard Long

  20. In search of a print (reproduction) of Maud Humphrey’s ‘Miss Muffet’s Christmas Party’. Can anyone help me locate one?

  21. Jean Lemaster said

    I have “A Busy Day”. How do I find how much it is worth?

  22. BJ Perkins said

    I have Maud Humphrey’s Butterfly Time lithograph in the original frame. This was handed down from my great grandmother. I have a few questions about the it. Is there really any difference between a lithograph and print as far as value? In my research, I do see other prints varying in price. This lithograph has to be 100 years old or more. There is some water damage on the print and wondered if it could be restored?
    I am not interested in selling the piece but I would like to figure out it’s value and history for future family members. I would like to have it restored if the lithograph is not compromised.
    Anyone that can enlighten me, would be greatly appreciated.

  23. patti said

    I have a M Humphery Bogart a signed print of the three musketeers that was found in the attic .Can you tell me where I could find out if it is original and it’s worth

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