Greatest American Painters

Frederick Sands Brunner (1886 – 1954)

Posted by M.R.N. on April 15, 2010

Serenade Time – Home Performance

The Knitting Lesson

Mother Goose Stories

Queen Bee

At Home Wedding

Valentine’s Day

Bride About To Cut Into The Wedding Cake

Clicquot Club


Young Woman And Birds

title unknown


Three Friends

title unknown


Woman Holding Baby

Weighing Baby

Woman’s Home Companion cover


5 Responses to “Frederick Sands Brunner (1886 – 1954)”

  1. Stu garfath said

    THIS is the site I should’ve come across many years ago.
    It is first place on my pin-ups library.
    Thank you very much indeed!.

  2. Jan Zachry said

    We own a possible Brunner original oil painting with the name ” The Circus” on the back. We would like so much to find out about our painting and if this is a known painting that has been lost. We don’t know how to go about finding information about our painting. Thank you to anyone that might help us. Jan

  3. Teresa blake said

    I found 5 F. Sands Brunner prints in my grandmothers attic when she passed. I’ve kept them for years. I would like to sell them to an antique gallery or just have them framed. I have : Home Performance; First Day of School: I Am Always With You; A Warm Welcome and Farm Friends.

  4. Marsha BonForte said

    I own a Brunner title “Beethoven’s Baby” which is nearly identical to “Three Friends” which is posted above. It depicts Brunner’s eldest daughter Sally with Beethoven, the St. Bernard. I would be interested in learning out more about “Three Friends”. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • Ted Turner Jr said

      Fred Brunner’s daughters Sibyl and Janet. Wife also Sibyl.
      My sister Sally also posed for him
      Could you send me a photo?

      Jan is still living. I will try to get her to ID your work

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