Greatest American Painters

Charles Twelvetrees (1888 – 1948)

Posted by M.R.N. on April 12, 2010

Imminent Disaster

Children And Terrier Huddle Under The Umbrella

Get Her Phone Number

Patriotic Boy


I’d Like To Get In Step With You

Young Bride

Say! I’m Little Isabella Vots Lookin’ For A Fellar

To Let

Us Fellers Are Like The Worms, Sooner Or Later The Chickens Get Us

Three Years Old

Why Do The Rooster Make All The Noise?

Household Magazine (cover)

Mohawk Magazine (cover)

Does You Think Dat Smelly Cabbage Make De Kisses Sweet Yuh Savage?

We Don’t Want Peace At Any Price

10 Responses to “Charles Twelvetrees (1888 – 1948)”

  1. Joyce Johnson said

    I have:
    No more kissing cause you slobber.
    signed Charles Tweltrees.

    • D Sherrill said

      I also have this painting. It appears to be either water color or colored pencil. It is approx. 8 x 11 on what seems to be construction paper. Have been told it is a print. However, upon close observation I can not see any signs that would indicate a print. Can’t locate anyone that can give me any conclusive info. Could you possibly help?

      Thank you.

      D. C. Sherrill

  2. john said

    iv got a charles o. twelvetrees

    how ink is made

    what is it worth?

  3. What is print worth that dated 1888-1948

  4. Freddie Brady said

    I have an old C Twelvetrees framed print “Not Guilty” dug out of an old attic in upstate NY what is value

  5. ann wright said

    i have a pair of pictures from this artist–def not prints…they are drawn on some old carboard–signed and framed–they are of babies–rust spots under frame…..i really cant see how they can be copies….can anyone give me any information thank you

  6. Cliff Moon said

    I have an original picture called “The Complete Angler” that was painted for the Toronto Star Weekly paper. I cannot find the date. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this picture? It is a Twelvetrees boy sitting on a railing above a pond with his dog, a stick fishing pole and a can of worms. He has caught a fish which is orange coloured. I presume this would be a colour copy as it appeared in the newspaper. It was found framed in our old boathouse at our summer cottage in Ontario.

  7. Allan said

    Got a large twelvetrees print entitled ‘Her First Jumper’. Can’t find any info anywhere. Value etc. can anybody help

  8. Jackie Lamar said

    I have a set of 12 calendar prints from 1936. They are bound together with brads. The rest of the calendar is cut off. What is this worth?

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