Greatest American Painters

Sandu Liberman (1923 – 1977)

Posted by M.R.N. on April 10, 2010

Leaping Dancers

Standing Nude

Shabbas Candles

Old Jewish

Young Mother And Child

Father And Child

Girl With Shawl

Shabbas Candles

Portrait Of A Smiling Boy

Reclining Nude


Mother And Daughter


Young Girl

At The Pond


27 Responses to “Sandu Liberman (1923 – 1977)”

  1. issachar5 said

    Love the Shabbas Candles.

    • Rochelle Weil said

      I have recently come into possession of the Artists Proof of the Shabbos Candles. Do you know how much it is worth?

      • Terry Bresnick said

        If it is the shabbas candles with the green candlesticks and the pretty young woman facing to the right, I would interested in buying it from you. Interested in selling?

      • Laurie said

        Terry I have that Litho if you are still looking for it.

  2. Denise Daley said

    I have come into possession of the artitst painting of a Mother and Child, The litle girl has a blue scarf on her head. Do you know what it is worth?

  3. I have a signed and numbered ( 140/150 ) painting by sandu Leiberman . I was told its’ a mother and two daughters , black and white which seems to be water color paint . Can anyone identify it ? And how do I know if its’ an original ? If so , how much is it worth ? It was bought in the late 60s and given to me recently when the owner moved to Fla. .

  4. maegan osullivan said

    I have a painting that has been in the family since the 70’s. It is called “The Promise”, and has the name sandu on the bottom but no last name. It is oil on canvas and is of a boy and girl holding a rose

    • Alva Moreno said

      I have the same painting, my mom gave it to me in the early 70’s. Not sure where she got it. I have been trying to get information on this painting and just can not find anything on it.

      • frank said

        i have a sandu painting with 3 women and cant find any infomation either. i wish the experts would come out and talk to us .

  5. Carrie said

    My father has the lithograph ” Americana” 28wx22h. It is of a white horse. It is quite captivating. He just recently said that he is interested in selling it.

  6. Arnold Peskoff said

    Ihave an artists proof in sepia of young kneeling girl with what appears to be a dreidel..Anyone know anything about this Liberman?

  7. Edith Pike said

    I have a painting by Sandu Liberman, Child Playing, that I would be interested in selling. $800.00 seems like a fair price.

    • frank said

      I’m so bafffled as to why the experts don’t respond to the comments and straighten us out on what we have . I go to iboats forum and thousands of people post every day . this is rediculous .

      • Ramish Farenzy said

        I think paintings by Sandu Liberman, are not that valuable. There are many on the market. Every one has a Liberman, and thinks they have a Mona Lisa or the such. He was a nice painter but far from great. Every one who has ever gone to the Catskill Mountains in the summer and stayed at one of the Hotels there, bought a Liberman painting or lithograph.
        They are nice but by no means valuable.

  8. R. Macko said

    I have a print not original of Sandu Liberman Mother and Child circa 1969. The woman is holding a baby and the original is in a gallery selling for 2500.00. How do I know how much my print is worth? Should I just name my price and hope for the best?

  9. jerry said

    hello lov the work i have a a sketch painting signd and numberd of the shabas candles but a lil diffrent i want to sell

  10. Laurie said

    I also have a Liberman Litho signed and numbered, Shabbos Candles, 174/250, that I am interested in selling. If anyone is interested please leave me a message here.

  11. william morgan said

    I have what I believe to be a watercolour of a man and woman embracing also signed just sandu on bottom rightside. The initials d.c.a ny. are on the lower leftside anybody tell me what i have?

    • Jeanette said

      William…I have 3 different Sandu watercolors of a man and woman embracing (different poses). I’d be interested in seeing what pose yours is.

  12. John Young said

    I have an original Nude S.L. image (Serigraph?) pencil signed, approx. 18×22 (visual approx.) image in larger overmat and frame. It is, what I am told, a rare image by Liberman. Bottom third of vertical image is the female nude on her back from the hips and up to include her quite beautiful face. Large breasted woman. Top two thirds is a huge burning ball of a setting sun behind waving wheat grains. Colors are warm, yellow, rust, flesh. I had purchased the image many years ago from the gentleman and friend who intoduced the Hawaiian Shirt to the USA. The image has traveled with me as I lived in different countries around the world. Although it looks fabulous in it’s mat and frame, behind the image the paper has been damaged by stain from an insect colony (Colombian jungle 4 years ago) and also has a corner fold line. I am getting old and would be interested in selling this image if there is a sincere interest. If not, perhaps an art expert could give me more information of this particular image.

    • diana Ellis said

      Would be interested in viewing a photo – please contact me if you’re still interested in selling.

      • John T. Young said

        I will make a photo of the image today. It is framed, under glass, in my office, but I will try to keep reflections down. I need an email to send the photo as I do not see a way to post an image here. Or, you can email me with way to send a copy of email.

  13. Rena said

    I have a signed Artist Proof of a woman holding what appears to be a baby boy. Woman is wearing a read head covering and little boy is in blue….I have not seen this particular painting on line. Is anyone familiar with painting and if so any idea of the value? Thanks in advance for responding.

  14. Margaret Sessions said

    I have a signed and numbered print Girl at Rest by Liberman. 35/200 perfect condition. Such a good drawing the child’s eyes follow you, or seem to. Beautiful picture.


  15. Marla Berk said

    I have a signed and numbered 41/150 Liberman of a girl looking down at her hands. would like to sell

  16. Merita Koll said

    I have a signed and numbered 224/250 Sandu Liberman color picture of “Father and Son.” approximately 18×24 framed. Would like to know if the number alters the price. I see it sells for $600 on line now.

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