Greatest American Painters

William DeLeftwich Dodge (1867 – 1935)

Posted by M.R.N. on April 2, 2010

Death Of Minnehaha

Last Days Of Tenochtitlan – Conquest Of Mexico By Cortez

Venus In Atrium


Italy – The Mediterranean

Woman By The Sea

Francis Pryor, Paris

Victorian Woman In White

For Her Majesty’s Hand

Mural At Library Of Congress, Washington, D. C.

Portrait Of The Artist’s Daughter

Stepping In The Fountain

The Sunken Garden

Dolphin Bay

The Bard

7 Responses to “William DeLeftwich Dodge (1867 – 1935)”

  1. Hello, I am the grandson of William de Leftwich Dodge. Thanks for showing the images of his work, some of which we own. If any questions arise about his work please contact me. Leftwich D. Kimbrough

    • Mason said

      Hi. Years ago i used to paint houses and one day I went to a house to paint and found a very large painting left in the house. the owner of the home said he did not want it, the home was a rental, and he told me to keep it or throw it away. Well I kept it. On the back it says it was painted by William De Leftwich Dodge. I have searched everywhere for information on it. The name of the painting is Wild Laurel. If you or anyone in your family knows anything about it I would really like to hear about.

      Thank You.

      • Leftwich Kimbrough said

        Hello Mason, I received your message. Please give me a call at 912-447-4783. Thanks, Leftwich D. kimbrough

  2. Hello Mason,
    I am interested in your painting, Wild Laurel, by William de Leftwich Dodge. Please give me a call at 912-447-4783, Georgia.
    Thanks, Leftwich D. Kimbrough

  3. Hello Suzay Lamb,
    Please give me your e=mail address so that I can communicate with you.
    Thanks,Leftwich D. Kimbrough

  4. Mr. Spiros Mourelatos said

    Mr. William DeLeftwich Dodge continues to inspire a rare few artists who hold true to his vision of the arts and sciences.

    • Mr.Leftwich Kimbrough said

      Mr. Spiros:
      Thank you for your comment about the work of my grandfather, William de Leftwich Dodge.
      Leftwich Kimbrough

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