Greatest American Painters

Lawrence Wilbur (1897 – 1988)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 25, 2010

Looking Ahead

Young Girl Praying With Her Mother

Young Girl & Dog

Girl Baking Biscuits

Calling Farmhands For Pie

The Fall Of Eve

The Greatest Mother In The World

Longing Won’t Bring Him Back Sooner…Get A War Job!

Victory Waits On Your Fingers

Running The Bulls

Car Passing A Buggy (Chevrolet ad)

4 Responses to “Lawrence Wilbur (1897 – 1988)”

  1. Ruby Schulstad said

    I have a poster, signed by Laurence Wilbur of a woman sitting down to eat Shredded Wheat – Made at Niagra Falls – do you know if it has a ‘value’??

    Thank you for your reply – Ruby

    • shelly delagard said

      let me know what you find out as i think i have the same poster and can;t find one the same as mine there a man in a white suit waving in the back grown thks

  2. Jason Wetzel said

    Question for anyone:

    The National Museum of the Army Reserve, Fort McPherson, Georgia, recently found an original Lawrence Wilbbur oil on canvas in a Washington DC Army office. The painting depicts an army Corporal in fatigue jacket, helmet, holding an M-1 rifle at port arms. The Liberty Bell is in the background. This was painted sometime between July 1953 and October 1954. It was used as a symbol of the US Army Reserve (Strength in Reserve). It was made into bronze plaques that were placed on all Army Reserve Centers in the 1950 to 1970’s timeframe.

    Does anyone have addirtional information on this painting?


  3. Lisa Ericson said

    We have five original oil paintings, portraits of my grandparents, great uncle, my brother and myself as young children. Is there a collection of Wilbur’s works? I am wondering what to do with these paintings in the future.

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