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David Dalhoff Neal (1838 – 1915)

Posted by American Gallery on March 17, 2010

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4 Responses to “David Dalhoff Neal (1838 – 1915)”

  1. Cornelia Felt said

    Spectacular, Thank you.

  2. James Garrison said

    I have a special interest in David Dalhoff Neal. I have a fine art print by him (a portrait of Doris Kaab) that I think may be a wood engraving, and I am wondering if many of his prints are known? I understand that he had a career in wood engraving while in the U.S.


    • James Garrison said

      Correction and further information about this print.
      It is a large etching by Doris Raab of Berlin, 1851-1899, of a painting by David Dalhoff Neal. She and her father made reproduction etchings of paintings by famous artists for publication, before photolithograhy was developed for comm’l printing. This one was done after a painting by David Dalhoff Neal, “Portrait of Mlle. N.”. David Neal was born in Lowell Mass. and a contemporary of Whister, but studied, married and lived in Munich during most of his life. In my research on this print, I learned that Doris Raab was a teacher and influenced many European printmakers. Her father was also a teacher and printmaker. This particular print and the mention of Doris Raab was published in an article from the New York Times, “David Neal and His Work”, June 18, 1899, which I found and obtained from the NYT archives. The print appears to be signed by both Doris Raab and David Neal in the lower margin.

  3. Sonja Lane said

    David Dalhoff Neal is my husband’s great-great-great-grandfather. We just recently visited the Whistler Museum in Lowell, MA. They have 4 of his painting there. If anyone knows of any upcoming auctions, we would appreciate if you could let us know. Also, if anyone knows if prints can be purchased anywhere, I would appreciate it.

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