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Lucile Blanch (1895 – 1981)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 13, 2010

8th Avenue And 56th Street

August Afternoon





The Lowdown

Thompson Hose Company

Rural Mississippi From Early Days To The Present

Georgia Roadside

Still Life

The Adding Machine

Morning Routine

6 Responses to “Lucile Blanch (1895 – 1981)”

  1. kimberlycrump said

    I found one of her works of art entitled Spring Flower when my mother passed.My mom was a collector of all things.Researching her life was my pleasure.Maybe one day i can make it to one of her exhibits in Chicago very close to my home.I will continue to follow her art.I would like to see a photo of her and Arnold together while husband and wife.Is this possible in an e-mail id very much appreciate it thanks a lot have a great day!

  2. Rosemary Zacharias said

    Does any one know about vinyl ? Placemats signed by Lucile Blache. I found a set in my great uncle’s house today in the box they came in. Fruit motiff…..

  3. William T. Haywood said

    Lucile was my great friend and university (Mercer) colleague. I assisted her in placing her barn-studio packed with her work in the Minneapolis. She designated the proceeds from sales for student scholarship support. I am happy to see her work emerging on the market. I treasure the dozen works or so with which she favored me over the years, especially the one on her easel at the time of her death.

    William Haywood

  4. Martha said

    I recently found a work done by Blanch – and I’m not sure if it is by Arnold or Lucile. It was buried in old frames and is a picture of an exotic bird with very long blonde tail feathers. It is dated 11/30/43 and signed with the last name Blanch……
    “To Helen….from Blanch”. What does anyone know about this find? Any information or advice would be much appreciated! Please respond to Martha at Thank you!

    • wthaywood said

      Dear Martha:

      I doubt that Lucile signed any of her works other than “Lucile Blanch.” I own several of her works from early Hudson River school to her last oil and have had unlimited access to her vast collection in her Woodstock studio. I don’t recall ever seeing one signed just “Lucile.” I arranged transfer of her studio collection (it took a moving van) to the Minneapolis School of Art in 1981.

      William Haywood, LL.D.

      • Martha Mintun said

        thank you so much for your response. I have taken a few pictures that i wish you could see. How may I send them to you? They show the art as well as the signature ….and it is on a simple piece of paper which was protected and framed it was noted on the back “original signature”.
        Thank you cor your help!

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