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Tom Warner (1959)

Posted by M.R.N. on March 6, 2010

Running Forever For You

On The Backs Of Angels

Nubble Lighthouse

Berkshire Gateway

Brant Point – Night Watch

Forgotten Spirit

The Mahawie (In The Berkshires)

Prayer To The White Buffalo

Danny’s House

Once In A Blue Moon

Rowboat – Etoile Filante

18 Responses to “Tom Warner (1959)”

  1. Luanne Weiskotten said

    Mr. Warner’s painting are classic Americana… He should be pegged as the next Norman Rockwell! His detail and perspective of nature are exquisite!

  2. faith freehoffer said

    i looked at all your art work tom very beautilful ive been drawing for years since i was about 12 years old and never did anything with my work just for my own enjoyment and family and friends that great that you have published your work you should be proud of your work love faith

  3. Beverly said

    Tom, to me you are anouther Grandma Moses
    Your work is colorful, unique, and to me it shows me that life is good to you.
    As you hold that important brush in hand you are the artist that about life.

  4. Very beautiful, I like that I know what I am looking at. These would also make beautiful a calender. I bet you must have some
    holiday paintings.

  5. Nora said

    I am very impressed Tom. They are beautiful.

  6. Ginnie said

    Tom’s work has the capacity to reach out and invite you to walk into the middle of the story. True treasures!

  7. Mark D. French said

    Tom Warner is no longer the Berkshire’s best kept secret! He has fans and many who admire his special style. Now that we’s becoming famous, we hope he’ll not change all the things that make him such an outstanding artist. He’s told me how he met Norman Rockwell, another famous Berkshire resident. Rockwell told the young Warner “If your going to paint a picture, have it tell a story, otherwise don’t bother painting”, a lesson Warner seemingly never forgot.

    His work seems to be well-influenced by Rockwell and by Vermont’s Grandma Moses, but in the end the style is “pure Tom Warner”.

  8. Cindy said

    These are a breath of fresh air. Love them.

  9. You’ve captured the moment in each of your paintings…so simple yet full of story and life. I can feel your love of life thru color and brush stroke…thank-you for sharing your wonderful gift.

  10. Now here’s an artist that has a sense of natural reaslism. Just love this artists work. Hope he sends me something for my walls! … Craig Adler Miami, FL

  11. Jenny said

    Immediately calls to mind Norman Rockwell, Winslow Homer, and Edward Hopper- with a fully unique and original style. It is hard to believe these vivid paintings are pure watercolor.

  12. Rob Michels said

    Very nice indeed, Tom!
    Rob the driving instructor

  13. Julia Groeber said

    My favorites are The Mahawie, Dr. Pepper and Running with Sean. There is a sense of realism to them that can be hard to capture in a water color medium.

  14. Stacey Dunbar said

    There is a painting of Tom’s that I fell in love with the moment I laid eyes on it. It’s not one of the paintings above, but it’s of a loon at the end of the dock, and the night light streaming on the lake. The colors remind me of “Starry, Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. It’s my favorite painting ever, and I was lucky enough to have not seen it in person once, but twice at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Just like Van Gogh’s style, I am memorized by Tom’s style as well, and I feel privileged to have him as a friend!

  15. 1958neenee said

    Tom’s work touches your soul. I was lucky enough to get a personal guided tour of his studio in 2011 and see the originals. While looking at his paintings, I felt like I was there, experiencing the scene firsthand. I wanted to touch each one of them to feel the experience he felt as he lived the moments recalled in his paintings. Each painting has a story and a hidden secret, and, if you’re lucky as I was, you will learn each one. Photos don’t do them justice. He is also an excellent story teller as eloquent with words as he is with watercolors. I’m honored to claim him as a good friend and fellow MMRHS alumnus.

  16. Debi said

    Your words, your art are all testaments to a simpler way of life… Uncomplicated, honest and above all you give the reader/viewer a sense of peace; something I think this world needs so much more of… Thank you Tom for sharing your gifts with the world…

    Fondly, Debi

  17. Christine Lecours said

    Mr. Warner evokes deep warmth and emotion in his paintings. His use of colour is astonishing. One of the most amazing watercolour artists of our time.

  18. M. Connelly said

    Beautiful artwork! Soulful, brings a sense of peace to the observer. Hope to see more in the future!

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