Greatest American Painters

Walter Martin Baumhofer (1904 – 1987)

Posted by M.R.N. on February 14, 2010

Do You Let Your Children Run Your Home?

The Druggist

Baseball Season’s Opening Day

Helping Hands

Bears Invade Camp

Let The Girl Down Gently

Safari Kiss

Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow

Bike Safety

Happy Birthday

Mata Hari

Steamship On River

The Spy Wore Crinoline

Tightrope Over Niagara

Davy Crockett

Young Woman With Bouquet Of Lilies In Empty Church

One Response to “Walter Martin Baumhofer (1904 – 1987)”

  1. A nice selection: “Let The Girl Down Gently” is a beauty.
    May I offer to add his exhilarating cover for the May 1949 issue of American Magazine: truly a masterpiece!

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