Greatest American Painters

Marguerite Stuber Pearson (1898 – 1978)

Posted by M.R.N. on February 2, 2010

The Open Door

Girl Knitting

Sewing By The Fireplace

The Red Parasol

The Music Room

Nude And Peonies

Lila Wallace

The Blue Danube



Irene (Lady With Peonies)

Young Woman In An Interior With Harp

title unknown

title unknown

Japanese Lanterns

8 Responses to “Marguerite Stuber Pearson (1898 – 1978)”

  1. sandra sig said

    I have the blue danube on the back it has the artist name frame # i really would like to know if there is any value to this?

  2. Joanne Ferrier said

    I have a painting my Marguerite Pearson. It looks like The Piano Lady. It is signed by Ms Person and the back frame is titled, At the Melodeon. Can you give me any information about this painting?
    Is it the same as The Piano Lady and about how much is it worth? It is not in the best of conditions as it was found in my parents basement.

  3. Elaina said

    I have the same painting that I’m trying to find out how much it worth

  4. J Hartis said

    Is it possible to find a print of Pearson’s Japanese Lanterns?

  5. Cecelia Valverde said

    Did Marguite Pearson ever do a water color of daisies and sign her name marguite seeds?

  6. Tammie said

    Hi we have a painting aof margurite s pearson, the picture is of a lady with black short hair playing the violen and the other lady on the piano in front of a fire place This piece is in mint condition. It was signed on back 24/30. Her name is hand written on the upper right front

  7. sandra sig said

    With all of these question on here,I do not see any responses???? Why is this page here,if no one answers anything?

    • Suzay Lamb said

      I know, this blog is mainly visited by people who are only interested in knowing the value of their paintings. Sorry, I’m just a blogger, not an art trader.

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