Greatest American Painters

Peggy Dodds (1900 – 1987)

Posted by M.R.N. on January 16, 2010

Woman With Dog

Mother And Children

The Party

Woman In Blue Hat

Mother And Child With Goldfish

Floral Still Life

Backstage At The Ballet

Young Woman On Wicker Settee

A Family At A Table

Our New Pets


2 Responses to “Peggy Dodds (1900 – 1987)”

  1. said

    I currently have a signed still life painting by Peggy Dodds. It is an original oil painting which my parents had since the early 1950’s. It is 36 x 30 in its original frame.
    I am trying to find out any information about the artist and the value of the painting if it has any at all.


    • Ed Franks said

      This artist is the mother of a friend of mine. He has many of her paintings in his home. If you would like to make contact email me.
      Ed afranks

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