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Wilbur Fiske Noyes (1897 – ?)

Posted by M.R.N. on December 6, 2009

Young Lady In A Baby Blue Dress With Pink Roses

Portrait Of A Young Girl In A White Dress

Portrait Of Two Children

Portrait Of A Gentleman

7 Responses to “Wilbur Fiske Noyes (1897 – ?)”

  1. I am trying to find out the subject of a portrait done by Noyes in 1939. We believe it was in the Boston area. It is a gentleman, looks like a banker or broker. standing, in his mid to late 50’s. Looking for information on the artist as well. Thx

  2. Phil Brooks said

    Hi Karen, Suzay; Wilbur Fiske Noyes was my grandfather. He had 3 children; my Mom Marguerite Noyes, her sister Jeanne, and a son Wilbur. My Mom still lives in Florida, soon to be 91. Her sister Jeanne passed away, and his son Wilbur lives somewhere in Carmel Valley, CA. His son was a very successful cancer researcher. My grandfather died in a state hospital for the mentally ill. I have a painting he did of my sister when she was 2 years old, in 1945. I know very little about him, I was told he’d died before I was born.

    • Suzay Lamb said

      Thanks for bringing back such great memories.

      • Marilyn Bradford said

        Just wanted to add to the info on Wilbur Fiske Noyes his dad was a renowned ear nose and throat specialist and did have three sons Theodore,Russell, and Wilbur being the youngest I am Marguerite Noyes daughter and have fond memories of my grandfather he did portraits of both his granddaughters when we Were very young Which we both still have along with other family pieces

    • Donice said

      Can you post a copy of the picture? I have a picture of Marquis George MacDonald that was signed by the Marquis to my great uncle.

  3. JAY S. GERBER said

    i have painting of my wifes grandmother done by noyes about 1940. it is around 16×20 inches. any idea what its worth

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