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Leo Jansen (1930 – 1980)

Posted by M.R.N. on November 23, 2009

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  1. Wendy said

    I have what I believe is an original Leo Jansen. A painting of a beautiful young blonde girk around 3 years of age holding a grey cat, do you know anything about this painting. I also love your web site it offers more than others do keep up the good work.
    Kind regards

  2. Jason said

    I have a Leo Jansen painting that I cannot find anywhere on the web. My father who died years ago relished this painting. It has some sort of protective coating over it and is painted on what looks like some sort of thin wood. It is beautiful. A young blonde with one hand in her hair and the other holding a white daisy. Her blue button shirt is open fully and she’s wearing blue jeans while leaning on a wooden fence. I am willing to part with it for the right amount.

    • John said

      I have a Leo that is similar to the one you described,I don’t know how many prints were made of each painting but maybe someone else does.

  3. I am trying to find out if the portrait I own is a Play Boy model done by Leo Jansen. It is of a young blond woman, backside view. Full nude, head turned to the left. She looks familiar.

  4. Sonja Jansen said

    I am a cousin of Leo Jansen and i’m wondering if there are more paintings to show of him. I also have a original painting of a Hollywood star Rita Hayworth and want to sell it.

    • Aaron said

      If no one has purchased it yet I am interested in your painting of Rita Hayworth. Just send me an e-mail.

      • Sherry said

        I have an original signed Leo Jansen oil painting of a nude redhead posed laying on her back with a fine silk wrap barely showing around her shoulders. It is signed in the lower right hand corner. does anyone know what the worth would be or how i can find out?

  5. Aaron said

    I’ve been looking to pick up a couple Leo Jansen original paintings recently. If anyone out there is looking to sell please send me a picture, dimensions (including and excluding the frame) and what you’re looking for and we’ll see if we can’t make a deal. Thanks!

  6. George said

    I have a horizontal oil painting of a pretty dark hair nude by Jansen I want to sell. It’s beautiful.

  7. J said

    Leo Jansen nude study No.4

    Hi, i have a painting by leo jansen but have no idea how to tell if its real.
    It has a signature, and its got some sort of brown paint on it with a cracked effect.
    Does any one know much about this painting?
    Thanks J

  8. George Cortez said

    I have a red head nude by Jansen I want to sell. E-mail me if interested @

  9. Russell said

    my dad has a leo jansen painting , signed bottom right hand corner but cant find the pic any where on the web , any info would be great . dad seems to think the lady in the pic is Jill St John from james bond diamonds are forever

  10. Brad said

    I have a Leo Jansen painting of red haired reclining nude. I believe it is a print because it is mounted in a custom carved wood frame and heavily varnished. I can’t find a picture of it online anywhere. I have pictures of it. Want help to find its value.

  11. Kevin Christensen said

    I have a Leo Jansen and I cant find a pic of it anywhere, I also hired someone to do an appraisel on it and they couldn’t find or give me an apraisel. It is a brunette that is gorgeous and it looks like she is laying down in a tub of clouds and she has unmistakeable beautiful eyes, her left arm is up by her curled brown hair.

    Can anyone help me find out about my painting?

  12. James said

    I have a Leo Jansen painting, signature bottom right, 3 foot tall, Nude Study no. 3, you can see the brush marks over the contours of the figure.. truly amazing looking painting in a very decorative large gold frame. I was also thinking of auctioning this painting.. I wondered what it was worth. Please contact me.

    • said

      I just want to know what its worth. Ive seen a lot of his work but Im still yet tgo find one like mine

  13. Guy Edmonds said

    I have a oil painting by Leo Jansen its possible it could be Raquel Welch when she was younger i know he painted a nude painting of her for Playboy I’m trying to find out is this her please contact me.

  14. Puanani Frobel said

    I have the following Leo Jansens:

    R#54950 271/2 ” Blonde nude
    55315 Child with Cat
    55314 J32 1/2 Boy with Dog
    All signed with a thumb print…Any interest?

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