Greatest American Painters

Albert Beck Wenzell (1864 – 1917)

Posted by M.R.N. on November 17, 2009

Three Is A Crowd

Charlotte Fairchild

The Marriage Proposal

Woman In Green


At The Ball

A Gift From The Garden

Idle Conversation

A Showdown

The Couple

Victorian Virgin With Cherubs

Victorian Beauties With Angels

A Medieval Christmas – The Procession

3 Responses to “Albert Beck Wenzell (1864 – 1917)”

  1. Joseph P. Liguori said

    L have an Oil Painting By A B Wenzell…approx. 45″ by 34″ of a woman Sitting in a wraparound love sent …under an apple blossom tree…with a man on the opposite side ,,,sitting in the loveseat… turned toward her. How can I get info on this painting? E-Mail me ASAP. Thank you.

  2. Joseph P. Liguori said

    Is there anybody out there that knows anything about A.B.Wenzell paintings that can help me get any information on the painting I described on Feb. 5th? I am 76 Years old and really don’t know what I’m doing on the internet. If you can help me, pl E-mail me ASAP. Thank you.

    • PD Cruz said

      Are you wanting to sell the painting or just want additional information on what you have? If you want to sell you may want to contact an auctioneer as original paintings by Wenzell have recently sold for $25K – not something you would want to put on eBay for example. You can find some good biographical information on him via Google.

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