Greatest American Painters

Geza Kende (1889 – 1952)

Posted by M.R.N. on November 13, 2009

Seated NudeSeated Nude

Still Life With Carnations And ApplesStill Life With Carnations And Apples

Portrait of Bela LugosiPortrait Of Bela Lugosi

Models In The StudioModels In The Studio

Sleep (Nude And Still Life)Sleep (Nude And Still Life)

Nude Nude


Nudes In A Forest ClearingNudes In A Forest Clearing

title unknowntitle unknown

George S. BuckGeorge S. Buck

Portrait Of A ManPortrait Of A Man

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  1. Good day I have a picture of that painter Geza kendo and I wonder how can I judge them for a possible sale.
    ps: please contact me by email

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