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John Pitre (1942)

Posted by American Gallery on October 5, 2009

A New DawnA New Dawn

Split WorldSplit World



Marauders Of The SeaMarauders Of The Sea

unknownCollateral Damage

Israeli MartyrIsraeli Martyr


Triumph Of IcarusTriumph Of Icarus


The Last UnicornThe Last Unicorn


Seekers of DreamsSeekers Of Dreams

The DreamThe Dream

© John Pitre

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15 Responses to “John Pitre (1942)”

  1. Nicholas Petty said

    I find this to be a beautiful collection of Pitre”s work, however it is missing my personal favorite – PC 359 Restrictions. The collection presented does offer a good sampling of his styles, excellent overall.

  2. richard spurgeon said

    i have a john pitre original lithograph dated 9/7/77 with a certificate of authenticity .i dont know what its worth maybe someone can help me out with it thanks

  3. richard spurgeon said

    i left out some info ……the print i have is of tree girl i would sell it but i intend to get its real value

  4. david said

    What ships are featured in “Marauders of the Sea’??????????????????????????

  5. Luann Rowland said

    I have three works from John. The first is a hand touched and signed Cibachrome, framed in a silver and gold metal flake. It is 1/375. The next is one I have not seen anywhere. It is a copper metal flake frame of Retributions. This work is 2/75 A.P. The third is Of Concesnous and Light, hand touched and signed, in a Koa Wood Frame. This one is 175/175 A.C. All have Artists guarantee and personal comments from the artist. I am looking to find the value of these. I would sell if the price is right.

  6. Tim Moran said

    I am in search of a print of the painting Passion, which back in the 70’s was titled Man & Woman,…regardless, any intel would be greatly appreciated.

    • Blair Gilbert said

      You are in luck! I purchased four of Pitre’s prints (all signed) in the early 70s – one of them just happens to be Passion. It’s mounted and framed and has been that way for some 40 years or so. I was looking at various sites to determine the value of these before putting them on eBay. I’ll see if I hear from you before doing so.

    • Ira Schwidel said

      I have a Framed Chronocrome print that is for sale.
      If you are interested, let me know and I will send you details.

  7. You can find out information about all “John Pitre” art at our website. We have lots of information and several new products never before available.

    -Shane Lawler
    Pitre Fine Arts

  8. Paul Clephane said

    I have recently been given a signed and framed John Pitre “Queen of swords” edition 564/800 and would be interested to know if the picture has any value to it .

  9. Toni said

    I have a painting By: John Pitre “Restrictions” 1972 oil on canvas 30″x40″ and is number 76 of 375, could you tell me what the value is on this painting?

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