Greatest American Painters

Arnold Friberg (1913)

Posted by M.R.N. on October 1, 2009

The Prayer At Valley Forge The Prayer At Valley Forge

Yielding The Right Of WayYielding The Right Of Way

her heroHer Hero

Maintaining The Right (Maintiens le droit)Maintaining The Right (Maintiens le droit)

High Mountain CaptureHigh Mountain Capture

Tales Of The ForceTales Of The Force

The Model BuilderThe Model Builder

Sailing To The New World (Promised Land)Sailing To The New World (Promised Land)

Samuel The Lamanite On The WallSamuel The Lamanite On The Wall

Christ Appears In The New WorldChrist Appears In The New World

Lehi Finds The LiahonaLehi Finds The Liahona

small_Abinabi Preaches To King NoahAbinabi Preaches To King Noah

Prince CharlesPrince Charles

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  1. Gordon Cummings said

    The tag “Old Testament” for Arnold Friberg is inaccurate. The paintings that look like Old Testament scenes are actually from the Book of Mormon.

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