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Charles Christian Nahl (1818 – 1878)

Posted by American Gallery on September 30, 2009

Miners In The Sierra (with August Wenderoth)Miners In The Sierra (with August Wenderoth)

Sunday Morning In The MinesSunday Morning In The Mines

The Indian CampThe Indian Camp

The Love ChaseThe Love Chase

Buffalo HuntBuffalo Hunt

Sacramento Indian With DogsSacramento Indian With Dogs

Ambush For FlamingosAmbush For Flamingos

Fire In The San Francisco BayFire In The San Francisco Bay

Little Miss San FranciscoLittle Miss San Francisco

Portrait Of Miss Adele Merchant

Joaquin MurietaJoaquin Murieta

The Rape Of The Sabines - The InvasionThe Rape Of The Sabines: The Invasion

The Rape Of The Sabines - The AbductionThe Rape Of The Sabines: The Abduction

The Rape Of The Sabines - The CaptivityThe Rape Of The Sabines: The Captivity (Lucretia And Tarquin)

Romance SceneRomance Scene

Standing Lion

 Crossing the Plains

Crossing the Plains

Visit to Grandpa

Visit to Grandpa


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  1. Valerie said

    Thank you! I am researching Charles Christian Nahl, and you’ve got the best collection of digital images online.

    Here is a brief bio:
    Charles Christian Nahl was born in to a family of artists in Kassel, Germany in 1818. Nahl studied at the Kassel Academy before moving to Paris in 1846 where he exhibited in the prestigious Paris Salon. The onset of the French Revolution prompted Nahl to move to America and ultimately California, where he tried to find fortune in the Gold Rush. Failing as a prospector, Nahl opened a studio in Sacramento before moving to San Francisco in 1852 where he accepted commercial work as a means of income. His most famous commission was to design the Grizzly Bear that adorns the California State flag. Though he did do many portraits, Nahl’s finest legacy is in his paintings chronicling the (sometimes salty) lives of the early prospectors and miners. Charles Christian Nahl died of Typhoid fever in San Francisco in 1878.

  2. Joaquín Murietta
    um heroi
    de verdade
    Joaquín Murietta
    um ZORRO
    com M maiusculo
    Joaquín Murietta
    Joaquín Murietta
    ele era o cara

    fred albano

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