Greatest American Painters

Raymond James Stuart (1882 – ?)

Posted by M.R.N. on September 10, 2009

Young Boy And Girl On BoatYoung Boy And Girl On Boat

At The CampfireAt The Campfire

Boy In Red Go-cartBoy In Red Go-Cart


Hold EverythingHold Everything

Care Of Your Dog

One Response to “Raymond James Stuart (1882 – ?)”

  1. Wendy Storey said

    I have a print that is a lil boy in a washtub with the word pirut on the sail… has a dog with him…. and wood sword…. It is numbered either 138 or 38…. has GP3415 in the left hand corner …… Can you please tell me where I would find this picture on the internet or worth of it — been in the family for many years – we are just curious!

    Stuart in the right hand corder with 138 or 38 under the name. THANK YOU !

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