Greatest American Painters

Richard Lorenz (1858 – 1915)

Posted by M.R.N. on September 9, 2009

Coming To TownComing To Town

The Last Glow Of A Passing Nation (Custer's Last Stand)The Last Glow Of A Passing Nation (Custer’s Last Stand)

Cowboy Drinking From Water HoleCowboy Drinking From Water Hole

Cow PunchersCow Punchers

Going It AloneGoing It Alone

Burial On The PlainsBurial On The Plains

Sunset On The PrairieSunset On The Prairie

The Watering HoleThe Watering Hole

Two ScoutsTwo Scouts

Stagecoach Pursued By IndiansStagecoach Pursued By Indians

The CutterThe Cutter

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