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Clarence Underwood (1871 – 1929)

Posted by M.R.N. on August 19, 2009

Back Our Girls Over ThereBack Our Girls Over There

Help Her Fill A Pipe For SammyHelp Her Fill A Pipe For “Sammy”

Love On WingsLove On Wings

The Ladies' World The Ladies’ World (cover)

Future Dreams

Examining The Painting

The Sweetest Flower That Blows

Absent But Not Forgotten

A Problem Of Income

Waves Of Love

Love And Six Cylinders

How To Know The Wild Flowers


Young Couple Looking At Photo AlbumYoung Couple Looking At Photo Album


You, Monster, You Kaiser!You, Monster! You, Kaiser!

underwoodtitle unknown

2 Responses to “Clarence Underwood (1871 – 1929)”

  1. diana said

    i would like to have more information about clarence underwood please .I have one of his paintings it is in black and white. please get back with me.

    • Suzay Lamb said

      Clarence Underwood was born in New York. He studied at the Art Students League and the Julian Art Academy in Paris. He returned around 1901 to work illustrating postcards, books and magazines as Century, Studio, McClure’s Harper’s and The Saturday Evening Post. He’s known for romantically influenced paintings and for elegant women wearing colorful hats.

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