Greatest American Painters

Harold Mathews Brett (1880 – 1955)

Posted by M.R.N. on July 6, 2009

Quiet EveningQuiet Evening

American Troops AdvancingAmerican Troops Advancing

His ThanksgivingHis Thanksgiving

Camping CoupleCamping Couple

Cross WordsCross Words

Men FishingMen Fishing

Summer MoonlightSummer Moonlight


4 Responses to “Harold Mathews Brett (1880 – 1955)”

  1. Hello –

    Commonwealth Books is preparing a book on the Golden Age of American Illustration. Many of the images we want to reproduce in the book are hard to locate. You present one of Harold Brett’s WWI illustrations (American Troops Advancing). We are interested to include this picture in our book. I assume the picture itself is no longer under copyright protection, but you image of it may be. Do you know who owns this picture? Or – what is your policy for image reproduction?

    Thanks you for your information. You have done a heroic job in assembling this terrific art respository.

    James Thompson
    Commonwealth Books

  2. thanks for you kind response – I’ll check with them. What is your policy on referencing the American Gallery as a n online image source for images whose location we can’t find?

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