Greatest American Painters

Lou Marchetti (1920 – 1992)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 14, 2009

mot2Mother And Daughter (Not Without My Daughter)

Woman Dressing, Seen Through Garret BlindsWoman Dressing, Seen Through Garret Blinds

The Living ReedThe Living Reed

MarilynMarilyn Monroe

Augusta The SecondAugusta The Second

Gondolas and VeniceGondolas And Venice

Immoral ModelsImmoral Models

The Savage CityThe Savage City

The World's Worst WomenThe World’s Worst Women

The Pleasure SeekersThe Pleasure Seekers

Italian Sea TownItalian Sea Town

7 Responses to “Lou Marchetti (1920 – 1992)”

  1. plucciola said

    L’Italian Sea Town è Gaeta, provincia di Latina, Lazio. Vado spesso al mare lì… 🙂

  2. Suzay Lamb said

    Whao. Mille grazie per l’informazione. Mentre postavo il dipinto mi chiedevo che città potesse essere. Mi hai letto nel pensiero. Grazie!

  3. Louise said

    Hello, my father was Lou Marchetti, just notice this web site. I have lots of his art work at my house. I am happy to see you like is paintings.

  4. Louise said

    I own this painting how do you have a likeness of my father’s work?

  5. John Baken said

    Ms. Louise–
    What about the painting here.. is this your father’s also? We have two that resemble this one, both of a boy with a violin, but the signature appears to be R. Marchetti–


    John Baken

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